Saturday, 30 July 2011

Next step in life...I better make a run for it

Law degree, still healthy, still single, still me....

Now?........... New place! New Change New mood!New Closet?


Friday, 29 July 2011

Coming of age...

Tomorrow I graduate.....
....nothing exiting but if you'd like to see me sleepwalk across stage, pop some popcorn get out you low fat strawberry yogurt and go to this link HERE at 10:15 am British time

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Catwoman meets Enid Coleslaw, need I say more?
Where talking Latex, Velvet, Fur and Masks...on paper this may read as one screwed up porno.
However, one things for sure and thats this collection indefinatly being fully capable of getting any lover Riccardo Tisci to get all hot and sweaty.
With is subtel sexiness, the drop hem mesh brings an allure that can only be associated with the natures sleekest feline, the Puma.
She's classy, and the animal kingdoms version of the LBD. There simplicity yet captivating apperance makes for an exellet collection of garments for the those lady interested in taking a walk on the wild side.
...and that cap...well its simply captivating.
(im to lazy to correct that tipo...)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Simple sample

Wearing T by Alexander wang dress which can be purchased at my favourite online store SSENSE, a store that shouldnt be visited by anyone that into the will seriouslly make bankrupt you

Auf wieder sehen

where most decisions are made in my house I had an argument/debate with my little sister about blogs and most specificlly how mines sorta derailed from the one thing that made me start my blog....Fashion.
Theres no fashion whatsover, yes maybe the things I love and obsses over and occasionally me are here but it all reacks of angst and 90s nostalgia.
Frankly I feel that im more comfortable with what im "blogging about right now" rather than the trendy stuff I did before.
I still follow fashion and talk about it whenever I run into someone with a spark of interest in that subject, but never on my blog or at least not how i used to.
Maybe becuase every other blog out there does just that its rather boring when I read a few of the blogs out there and see the same images
....well im taking up this challange now.
1 week of saturated fashion oriantated posts and we'll see just how what kind of reception ill get.
yes i realize saying that ur all under watch might hamper the end results but im more than happy to hear what you guys think.
Note, nothing fake or staged will be posted, its more like me putting more time on the blogg and posting about things i usually glance at and go "naaaah theyll read that somewhere else...."

Thursday, 14 July 2011

he cuts me with his smile...

ZARA Leather jacket, vintage Ralph Lauren silk shirt dress, bad roots and vintage shoes

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Teenage Bedroom wall....

.....a little brief on this to come soon, im hungry so got to make a grilled cheese sandwich
Let me bore you with some more bullshit :)
BOYS BOYS BOYS, if I ever join an all girl screamo band id cover montly crue's song Girls Girls Girls. Ive always had crushes on fictional characters, real guys dont really do it for me.
Theres no depth in them....I'm never Angela Chase and in those scenarios they all live happily ever after...and even when they dont, they find out that old friend of theirs was the one.
well(scrolling threw my memories) not even that ever so likely happy ending will happen in my life.
For as long as I can remember when my brother with comidiclly make fun of my future BF and how he pitied him for putting up with a "thing" like me, he'd refer to him as "Trent"
He'd have shaggy hair and be a musician and just come across and slooowww. Now my brother's never seen Daria so when I actually started watching Daria it was so weird how this guy was that guy!
My type id would have to say would be a guy with captivating (puppy euphoria blue)eyes, a memorable voice(eddie...), has to be insync with my iPod(Seth Cohen take me to go see death cab for cutie pleas).
When it comes to taste in tunes because I dont have a heart, so the closest thing you will be thuging on are my white headphones strings.
It's a major bonus if your actaully an musician but from experience(and I've known way to many...) there to pretentious and when not..... quite paranoid?
hhmmm...HAIR, you must have LONG HAIR OR NO HAIR i dont do in-betweens.
I love having something to play with....or pull at hahahaha.
Your hair is very important to me so either your sporting the grungy long waves or a shaggy haircut a la Jordan Cathalano
....also you must have a long torso? I dont know why but I love long torso's
someonce that missing of my list is Ryan Donowho who played jaawwnneeyy(love saying that name) in the OC
Oh and ideally let your name start with the letter J
I checked a diary entery of mine the other day which had sort of a diagram of all the guys ive crushed liked loved and kissed, fictional and non fictional hahahaha(yes im sad).
What I discovered was all the guys that iveactually met names started with the letter J, hmmm?

wazzup doc