Thursday, 24 November 2011

colour pallet: Arabian Nights

My winter colour inspiration...not on my face because I dont actually wear makeup unless im sick and then it usually just is foundation, mascara and eyebrows(so enough for me to get on when im leaving my apartment in the elevator...i live on the 10th floor)....but more of a winter apparel colour pallet.

I dont want to do this anymore

Blog that is...ill try but...i might not....or at least i cant keep up with the constant updates like the rest of the "bloggernistas" because thankfully my life dosent revolve around a fad and so despite having a life picking up my camera and thinking "oh this will be a nice post" is more like.....fuck that shit these shoes are on sale!
Anywho, until next time....

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Monday, 7 November 2011

wallpaper...(scratch me and you'll see how I feel)

new vintage black silk it to a tee...which is why last night i accidentally broke one of the straps...i guess nothing beautiful will last forever...or at least not with me.

....would you?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

come into my room.... ive been...distant.
BUT in my defense ive been distant from pretty much everyone so dont take it personally.
Finally feeling a bit more...awake, so I might get back into my normal routine of things like.........hmm, ill have to get back to you guys on that.
On the upside? ive updated my blog with something other than emo rant of discontent.

A couple of posts ago i asked you guys what youd do if life wasent such a burden and i never got around to answering that.
Well Id live by the beach and writte. Id have a nice trailer that Id live in, blasting all kinds of profanities. Id probably have separate trailer which id convert into a comicbook stand/vintage flee market thing where i the only way you could buy something is by exchanging it with something i want.
I dont know if life wasent such a burden id probably kill myself without feeling bad about it.
Anyway, here are some pictures of my room...there pretty old...nothings relly changed other than there being allot of dust everywhere, empty bottles and mustard stains on my sheets (i love eating hotdogs in bed... which my roomate finds highly disturbing) speaking of roomate ive got to do a post on her hair...its right about as red as my wall.
Talking about red...i hate that colour....yet my room seems to be dominated by it(the walls looked this way when I got the apartment)
apartments still not good with money......need to get a couch soon seeing smashing pumpkins tmrw?