Friday, 24 October 2008

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Better then New York Fashion Week.......

........can you believe it, 14 years it took for this band to fully record an entirely new album...14 YEARS. Their new single is so well Welcomed, not only by the fashion world (Tributed through the new bad girl leather look) and Politics (hmmm....dont know about democracy being the main attraction in china right now) and ugh, us fans that been waiting (okay i gave up.....) For this well anticipated album, well today at least we get a little sweet taste of this destructive album....Chinese Democracy

ps. dont click the pic your gonna have to tune your radios for this one
Daddy....i need a new pair of heels

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


"If you’re starving for more attention, you may have to come clean and just ask for it. Fishing around for compliments or some TLC can sometimes backfire. Others could experience you as needy. But if you assertively just ask for what you need, you’ll appear more confident and more likely to get what you want"

I Could really use you ........
in my life.......
........on this stage this Bedroom
..............I Could Really Use Somebody

Monday, 20 October 2008

Well ive been contenplaiting wether or not i should make another Icon of the month, but that would just emply me making Carolin B from Mode Feber an Icon....
But then i rembered a young chic woman that I've been starring at the entire summer and looking forward to wrapping up in lots of layers in black and Navy Blue
So i present to you The Woman that keep us from leaving our 8inch heels at home....

OMFG She's Got Givenchy TO!!!
Life as i know it is so fucking over. Sorry about my harsh language but it's a like been 90% of my...F$£&-ing vocabulary. Im stuck at Uni, which is worse then waking up and COMING to uni. Trying to money out of my account for a lil grocery shopping and being as tired and week as i am since i havent had any proper meal since god knows when, i totally type in
the wrong code....
For security reasons the dam machine took my card, the bank is closed so i wont get that back today, i have absolutely know money to actually take the bus home, its a 35minute walk but with heels i guess that will amount to a 1hour....30MINUTES!
my bag weighs a tone cuz it packed with books five hundred comes my keys which look like a Christmas tree with all they key rings, and this laptop....
Oh and its really really windy and like raining as well.
what more to say, oh yeah even if where to get home? I have no food!!!
Looks like my goals of becoming a size zero are about to be met.
Until next time, wish me luck.....
XOXO Rich Hippie

Sunday, 19 October 2008

.................will you ever stop haunitng me you Studded son of a Givenchy!