Tuesday, 30 March 2010

.....can it even be discovered?

Ever wondered how one falls inlove? A person they've yet to meet and an emotion they've never experienced? How is it found, can it even be discovered? Do we base it on the experience of others or do we honestly follow the compass that is out heart?
I honestly hope I don't fall inlove, to many questions, to much drama....I am a being of certainty and not knowing whats about to happen next is a reality I cant face.
So don't mind me but I'd rather sit this one out and watch you guys get your heart broken.

what are you wearing this summer?

Waistcoat - Matthew Williamson, Maxi Dress - Topshop Botique and Laced up Boots - Topshop

Friday, 26 March 2010

so last year i believe was the first time i looked at my parents and told them i didn't want anything for my birthday....they where pretty shocked because this has been the day that i exploited the goodness of their heart!!!
This year i think ill be much of the same, i think ill just treat myself with getting one ear pierced(Ive got no holes on my body whatsoever and I'm glad i didn't get my belly button pierced at 15 with the rest of my friends) and probably a tattoo.
But what i beg of my parents is to get me festival tickets this year, or i believe hell will be raised as this is the last of my teen years before i have to start picking out a pension plan.....and id never forgive you guys if you didn't!!!!

shopping, the womans strongest source of relief

I am so pissed of that i didn't get up early enough to snag these Givenchy Wedges at a price so marked down, my groceries cost more!!
So head over to net-a-porters Fashion Relief sale that's ending this Monday!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

so had to try this blazer on when i was over at Zara. even though its an extra small, it seemed huge and i wasent to fond of the color. If it came in like an olive green, black or grey id be sold!
I think i might have to outfit post in this nature from now on until i can decide on which camera i want to get.
p.s I know how to spell(how else would i manage a course like law where i spend most of my time writing essays..) i just spend my days multi tasking..(always on my phone and buy the computer splitting tasks up...when someones having a conversation with me half my brain is thinking about tomorrow) so i tend to make small mistakes, cuz im never really in a moment (unless im listening to music which is my closest thing to actually being focused) I dont know why but it may have something to do with my over ambitious outlook on life. There so much i want to do and live NOW.....so there u have it..pleas stop complaining now.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

..............nothing makes me feel so good in life than a sunset. I know everyone loves them but im seriously inlove with them. I seriously get really teary eyed over them because it reminds me of this serene peace of mind (which in my hectic life is none existent). Taking pictures of them used to be a therapeutic hobby of mine before i smashed my camera and after seeing this Christopher Kane dress i died inside, just over that perfect moment captured.
I've always pictured my fortress of solitude to be me just sat at the edge of a cliff watching an never ending sunset and listening to my ipod......i could seriously spend my entire life doing just that.
Im so happy today because me and my little sister made an insane plan this summer, so as long as i stay away from acnes webstor and dont purchase does atacoma wedges...things should go as plann

Monday, 22 March 2010

im so so sorry...

yepp im a bad blogger...but i promise the wait will be worth it....
in the mean time click here to watch me awkwardly talk into a camera
oh and pleas drop any questions and request!!!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

im simply 19 and exhausted with life. Feels like ive been spending so much time trying to achieve something in life, but im starting to feel like allot of things in my life just arent worth waisting my time on...and the the problem is i know what i want from life...i just cant cuz ive been brought up thinking their a wast of time.
Now i finally understand my split personality, im stuck trying to pleas my parents and myself and the reality is i might end up disappointing both.
So what i do in situations like this is i tap into my spoiled nature and say
"I will have my cake and eat it to"......at the end of the day where all going to be happy
.....just promise yourself that and from my experience you'll be just fine(might not play out exactly as planned but the end result will defiantly remain the same).

Alright thats my motivational speech for today

Thursday, 18 March 2010

My spring/summer essentials

All about leather, military styled blazers and well haven't found my Parker yet but ill get there(dont really think the Parker's really me but i love the idea of pairing one up with leather pants) I've spotted this amazing tail blazer at Zara which i believed that if i changed the golden buttons for silver, slip in some shoulder pads, stud the entire shoulder and get a couple of broshes it be good to go? We all cant afford(let alone get our hands on...)Blamian

(Maxi) Dresses
I only wear Super long or super short dresses(and skirts) its the only way i can play with my height and at 5'3......you kind of have to. You elongate(love that word) your legs under long dresses with super high wedges ( a la Rachel Zoe) or create the sexy illusion of long legs in a short skirt and high heels.
Khaki is like the black girls equivalent of the nude trend this season as it makes your skin glow.
I'm not looking at prints or crazy colours this season. Those items tend to be one hit wonders and are rarely used again(in my closet a have a box which a call my trick or treat box which is packed with colourful clothes and crazy prints......its rarely opened)

Cycle shorts, leather (and high waisted suede once coming soon to Zara) and mesh skirts are the bottoms ill be sporting this summer (all in black with the exception of grey) I'm contemplating a floral maxi skirt or a pair of high waisted floral shorts, but that's me being crazy....just like how i cant stop listening to Boston in the summer.

Their pretty self explanatory....I love shoes(and its impossible to track those darn Chloe docs down and whenever i do Ive spent all my money and when i do have it their never around and i buy something else....HELP)

Wang, wang, wang. I really want that backpack but I can be pretty paranoid and would always turn around just to check that nobody picked something out of my bag.

I'm not big on accessories but i must get a huge ring