Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Today's outfitto, Very inspired by balenciaga, i know its a lil cold and late to go full on last seasons urban warrior trend, but its gotten really cold here dude.
I just woke up saw this my trend book flipped up on my table (don't remember looking in it) and walla!
Or alright i pulled out my whole entire wardrobe trying to find something to wear and finally got it (i don't wear that much white, my wardrobes colour co-ordinated)
So what do you think of the end result.... great?

Blazer- Peacoks


Pollar neck - New Look

Scarf- H&M

Bag- Topshop

Shoes cant see here but are Aldo (brown once

I wish...

I could look like this tomorrow, when the sun supposedly is going to come out
Snoppy save our Earth Tisha - Topshop
Skirt - Luella
And yellow Dr Martins
Nicole is the perfect model for what im going to be wearing this summer
Long maxi as well as short dressesdresses, short shorts, ginormous bags simple jewelry like a pendant neckles(i only do gold), wedges and gladiator sandals. I'm not big on sunglasses though, I mean I've got a pair of Bug Eyed sunnies but i don't seem to ever wear them anymore...
This summer i hope to embody the hippie
by the beach, looking fresh and chich by the water.
Ignore Kate the look im falling in love with is the ensemble worn by her stylist, I'm a big plaid fan as i secretly love grunge! grunge is like a more intense hippie, since they both don't shower shave there legs or give a shit....
Listening to: Even Flow by Pearl Jam

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

To days outfitto is....well? I don't know i just wanted to wear something simply yet chic without getting myself late for class in the morning its a modern twist on the traditional Greek goddess wear, with a slight similarity to what was showcased at Gucci's fall/winter collection (haha or maybe not but you might figure out the prints corresponding to whats going on in my scarf rather the dress, bag belt etc..)
I'm wearing a long dress, jacket and blazer...and leggings from H&M
Bag from Topshop

you cant see my shoes here since i was indoors (raining all day) but there just like these

A snippet into my ever expanding obssesion

Now i did mention in an earlier post that id share with you my personal Magazine Collection. Now the presentation may be less impressive then expected but my room seems to have shrunken into a tiny cube (25% colonised by my wardrobe..) when spreading out "a few" of my mags on the floor. My mom wouldn't be to happy that i showed what i mess my room is....(imagine all those magazine are not even a fraction of what jacked up in a box under my bed..)

I currently Collect Kate Moss cover, don't know why since I'm not a fan of hers...

Fave Cover would be the one in Vanity Fair
Fave Fashion spread this year....
The jacket very Hot, ChanelFave Magazine Cover: featuring the girl from the show Lost, i love the colours and how radiant it looksOh and i collect anything with Nicole Richie's face on..Fave would be the Italian Vogue cover
Zow Kravitzs looking gorgeous at the 2008 tribeca (film?) festival
and even more gorgeous at a Chanel event. Wow she really new how to bring down that totally out of it hair cut she had to this? Now that's a Versatile Fashionista

Monday, 28 April 2008

Seriously the comments on my blog may be few, but the small words spoken by you guys are beyond SWEET, sorry that i use that word so much but when i read your comments, it brings a small grin on my face like a just got sweet candy in my mouth. many thanks you guys! Alright so here's today's outfitto
Jacket- H&M
Black Tisha- H&M
Scarf- hahah yes H&M!
Pumps- Dont remember? but promise there not from H&M
Bag- Topshop

You guys don't get me wrong my closet isn't a personal H&M store i got loads of other brands like Zara, Topshop, French Connection and Selfridges im just not out on labels just the appereal.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Oh and i just had to add that a sweet french chic called me quot a -"Barefoot Fashionista."
Dude - Merci pour le commentaire généreux

Sorry for the lack of updating woke up to a lightning strike outside my window and the phone suddenly ringing...sounds like a the beginning to a Horror flick. Got up early and did pretty much nothing as i hadn't gotten much sleep. Closer to the evening i went to play tennis and bought a magazine on my way home. I have to show you guys my impressive Magazine collection, but not now. For Now Check Out Zara cute illustration for there new Spring/Summer Collection.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Did you steal the...?

Dress From my Dad
OR From Luella's Spring 08 collection
Today i didn't find as much stuff that i hoped to, there where allot of great things don't get me wrong, but as usual they never have my size left (I'm a size 34/6) - Today was sunny and far to hot so i reached for my shorts - Topshop, Top and Jacket - H&M, Bag is from a store in Sweden and shoes AldoFirst stop was Zara looked like a flower store, i mean it was packed with so many floral dresses(here's a favourite, didn't buy cuz its far to long and I'm only 5'2)I spotted i dress that i Totally fell in love with, but, they only had two left and they both where in a medium....

Later headed to H&M, first time i didnt find anything i liked.

Now I'm running to get to Topshop hoping to grab as much as i can to take with me home, but, every single item i picked out was to big or just ugly. This jacked was so cute with its military inspired look and the cute gold button detail, size 40 This very hot blazer would have been a sweet bargain if it wasn't to big - a size 38

My Sweet dad bought me this dress though, so that made my day (if you cant tell from the pick there flowers)

oh and i did go back to Zara to buy this cute top that i figured with be a nice thing to have hanging in your closet.
Okay waiting for my dad to get back so that we he can take me shopping. This week I'm aiming at a pair of lace up open toe ankle boots, two skirts, one top and anything else before that has vastly seriously blow my mind. I'll try to take some pics of me shopping around and the different things you see, but if i find someone grabbing something I'm after...the cameras gonna have to come down!

Wish me Luck!

Friday, 25 April 2008

I am craving a lill sweet spending and spotted this buttercup item by luella at NET-A-PORTER

Todays Outfitto

Today's outfit really stopped people (this time not for my extra ordinary beauty) The whole Stop and think really got people to...STOP AND THINK. Like one my way home some lady was walking with her Pitt bull (kept running into my shoulder bag to make it swing around)the dog stopped to take a shit and she was going to just let it lay there, but then when she saw the message on my Tisha she actually STOPed...AND looked like she was actually THINKing
An suddenly decided to pic it up. I had alot of interesting encounters like this but i dont like blogs that write so much crap so here my outfitto.

Hoddie= my little sisters

Tisha= Katherin E Hamnet H&M Aids top.

Silky Jeans= H&M

Platforms= Aldo

F-E-R-G I-E L-I-C-O-U-S, Ugh I'm a bad speller....
Looking hot on the cover (wearing Burbery Prosume and Gucci in the second pic)Fergie sure knows how to strike a pose. I'm not a big fan of Harpers Bazzars Mag, i don't know but Vogue and Elle embodies couture and the casual ways of wearing it.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Love the Illustration By Cassandra Rhodin, i would post moer but it keeps shutting my window down so settle for these favourits, now i gotta go set up my weekend shopping list. So far im looking out for new heels (im addicted) tow skirts (Blue and Red) a new Tisha (you know i love them and...yeah thats what ive got so far.

Im a big fan printed T's and own a whole lode of different kinds. hers just a pic of a T i spotted online. Later ill post pics of my favourit Tisha's from my personal closet.
Oh and for you currently residenting (fancy words oh la la) in the UK...BIG F(ing) SALE AT TOPSHOP! - Im going this saturday and am loaded with cash and ready to shop. Keep yuor fingers crossed that ill spot some great bargins.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I must say id never cut my hair was like this (duh.....) But like i say i do admire her (in)sane character. That beautiful face can pull of anything. Now if you actually stare at it for a while, it kinda looks good..right?
Zoe Kravitz