Saturday, 31 December 2011

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Friday, 9 December 2011

all i want for christmas is you....

1. Toki doki Vinyl toy
2.Buddy holly style waifers(optical ofcourse im fucking blind)
3.Leopard printed creepers
4.perfectly stripped and knitted kurt cobain-sweat-drenched jumper
5. Alexandr wang Hobo bag in burgundy(or the brenda one in burgundy...cuz we all bleed burgundy)
6. a mint condition Sailor moon doll by Bandi. I had an exact doll growing up, she was seriously my best friend(she even introduced me to my real first best friend later on in life) and id take her with me every where even to parties... now ive lost her in a bunch of boxes i dont dear to open.
7. Holes pretty on the inside on vinyl
8.Tickets to see NIRVANA Live in concert this March(1994)

a perfectly grey girl in a black and white world

sleepy hollow reality

They say you want what you know longer HAVE, I say I want what i never HAD, what I can't possibly GRAB, what nobody could personally CRAFT for me, a world where things just happen to make me GLAD. No I know longer could be SAD if I HAD what nobody COULD HAVE, what nobody SHOULD HAVE because its so far out in my imagination to for YOU to GRAB. It makes me SAD that I cant HAVE what nobody COULD HAVE, I don't want to SHARE my DESPAIR with people who don't CARE I just want to be FAIR, and be left alone, dreaming of things i COULDN'T possibly HAVE.
If I can't have a world then give me a ROOM, I place where I could at least decide if i wanted to INVITE YOU....