Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hi guys and sorry for the lack of post updates it just that..... know what f*ck my excuses, i study law which is a super demanding degree here at uni and am just really stressed and pissed and confused! Oddly though most of the reasons for these feelings aren't related to my studies....
I just realized today that I've gotten 12 followers, how amazing is that, people still follow my blog

By next year im considering documenting nightlife street style. I've seen so many blogs on street style which i love, but not one thatsfocused mainly on how creative people get before going out. Their simply are no boundaries and i am just so inspired by the many creechiers that crawl out at night.
So get ready for a whole lot more excitement on this blog from 2009 onwards.
I know CobraSnake those something in this nature, but id say it focused more on the, well drunkenness... dont get me wrong love that site

Alright written far to much......

Shirt: Topshop *new
Grey Cardi drapecloke, hobo rag thing: Zara (my new fave piece in my closet)
Navy blue jeans: Ceap Monday
Furry hat: Some Danish market
Suede Ankle Boots: Topshop
Leather bag: Topshop
Okey dokey....
Ps. Luxurious Grunge post come up like on Sunday, for those who rmeber its a look ive been working on, ill try to make one on hobo chic to later. This way people might understand my current look.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Oh guys shoot me now if you wish, I still haven't put up any descent outfit pics for ages and the camera on my phone just broke. So this is all that I had laying around on my laptop, hope it will do for now until I get a new one in January....
Nobody was able to guess my fave band, people just kept on insisting that Nirvana over and over again. I do love how you guys know me well, i dont think anyone that really knows me would have guessed that its Death Cab for Cutie.
Reason I choose them was because Ive never come across a song or an album that sounded like absolute shit. I mean even with amazing bands there a 2-3 song which your like -"ugh..." to, but not with DCFC.
Contemplating between a new fur jacket (from H&M) and this amazing, very avant gard, black blazer coat (ill show pic later if i can find it)
ps. I LOVE MY FURRY HAT NO matter what my friends think, Russians rule!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Hobo Chic

Got this amazing look im trying out, its not really what you see right here, just loved the photography, a stalker stalking something not worth stalking, but the taught it beautiful.
I PROMISE OUTFIT POST WILL COME, ACTUALLY SEVERAL, so thanks for still reading my blog you guys.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

1. I love my Role Models to death!!...literally since only one of them are still with us (don't know how long he has left though...) They all represent my love for Rock n Roll, Art, an Addictive lifestyle and Fashion.
2. Number two fave thing, NEW YORK CITY!
I love the fast pace lifestyle, the upper east side snob's, the small gap between the world richest man living next to the poorest, the shopping, the penthouses, everyone that lives and aspires to be the words of Sinatra

-"If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere"

3. Grunge, the evil twin of a Hippie (both unhygienic nogalant characters, in other words...ME!+arrogant)

4. Heels!, I'm going to freaking start collecting them
5. You guys i guess, interesting to see both the nice and the rude shit you write!!!
6. I love the love, i love the hate, i loove the bad tatse, i love the grungy enviroment, i hated high school, i love Jordan Ctahalano....
I loved How I'm not the only girl that mopps about fantasisieng about that guy
I love how my so called life, happened to be hers.
.......Oh i will post who I'm going yo tag real soon, I'm just heading back to uni now and the battery on my laptop is running low and yes you guys i do love Nirvana but that would be to easy of an answer, don't let the pics fole you, keep guessing. -(Im tagging everyone that just read my post!)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Guess My favourite band....

...get it right and an outfit post might just show up
its not Nirvana (god that hurt, typing that i love them, they are the best band but not my fave...SHIT cant beleive what im saying) KEEP GUESSING!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

-"But I always say, one's a company, two's a crowd...... and three's a PARTY"

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

So haven't really been writing much about what Ive been up to lately, maybe because its absolute boring shit. Ive got allot of course work to be done so and I'm considering abandoning this blog for a while (i might be lying through my teeth)
Interesting fact though I'm researching Burberry's business accounts so not to much academic stuff to bore me, oh and Ive got a legal case report which is absolutely boring!!
So whats keeping me from slitting my throat with a ruler, a much dreamt of shopping spree!!! I'm home for the week so that mean money in the bank, just stuck between whether i should shop here in Southampton or when i go back to Brighton
Dilemma...tell me about it.

Maybe Just maybe will i ask my sister to take on outfit pic of me, maybe then may you guys see my new heels!!