Saturday, 22 November 2008

Oh guys shoot me now if you wish, I still haven't put up any descent outfit pics for ages and the camera on my phone just broke. So this is all that I had laying around on my laptop, hope it will do for now until I get a new one in January....
Nobody was able to guess my fave band, people just kept on insisting that Nirvana over and over again. I do love how you guys know me well, i dont think anyone that really knows me would have guessed that its Death Cab for Cutie.
Reason I choose them was because Ive never come across a song or an album that sounded like absolute shit. I mean even with amazing bands there a 2-3 song which your like -"ugh..." to, but not with DCFC.
Contemplating between a new fur jacket (from H&M) and this amazing, very avant gard, black blazer coat (ill show pic later if i can find it)
ps. I LOVE MY FURRY HAT NO matter what my friends think, Russians rule!


Nina said...

Yes, more please :)

Champagne said...

Aw I guessed wrong? I think the reason why I thought it was Nirvana was the long blond hair gentlemen that you had posted bad.

But any, nice shoes!

Myriam said...

Didiiii Love this song!

Sunniva said...

Love your photographs! And the fur jacket from H& that the one on picture no. 11? Because that is just absolutely gorgeous! And I really like big, russian, furry hats too, so you go girl ;)

SICK. said...

you have killer shoes girl !


w0witsalana said...

so nice