Thursday, 28 April 2011

what i should be wearing but unfortunately dont have the shes or the bag for

Image source: hag something? dont worry ill find it
despite my flu im venturing to London to meet up with an old friend tomorrow. I havent seen for her for 10 YEARS. Am I nervous...YES! my social skills are a tad rusty at the moment and find people looking me straight on a tad uncomfortable lately hahahaha. Oh well....

Saturday, 23 April 2011

I Like my dressing with Onions+Garlic

A look I made for fellow reader who just moved from L.A to Seattle. And although she packed her closet with her, the style didnt quite fit in the moving I helped her out!
Check her page out which is perfect for those mornings when you dont know what to wear and is just looking for just that little bit of inspiration from your style savy celebeautons
Check her out at ONIONS+GARLIC
and if anyone else is facing any fashion predicaments, you know where to find me and ill do just thesame for you(and hopefully my photoshop skills will have improved hahahaha)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Daisy Daisy

Wearing: Denim sort of jacket which my mom got me for my school picure back in 1998(it came with matching pants....I loved to match everything back then), Nirvana Cut off Tshirt, Topshop Cut off pants/Daisy dukes(I honestly believe this is my first purchase from TOPSHOP, they where on slae and where full length jeans from the Tall line) Creppers, and Cheap Monday Sundays...oh and TOPSHOP backpack

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage -
I can't afford a carriage,
But you'd look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.

Lazy Lady, Plays with Daisys, and never gets her work done. Drives her crazy, so she starts chasing, the bubbles in the air....

Ghost World....

I TOTally want to get green hair this fall, I honestly think I could pull it off!
Movie inspiration today.
I frankly turned it of every ten minutes as there was never really anything...intriguing about it. It wasnt until I saw how troubled Enids relationships where that I understoon how/why I was so bored with the movie....It was real.
Anyway im not about to go into how much my life, or my relationship with my bestfriend met the same awkward fate as Enids and hers, the known reality that where know longer who we used to be and therefore wouldnt stand each others guts....

No Im just going to let you watch the movie
I did however get a bit chocked up at the end when....oh crap I guess that would be a spoiler hahahah

Update.UPDATE: sorry moved my reply to anonymous down to the comment section.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

4 am and still standing

this is actually an old outfit post from when i had stayed up for literally 22hr straight working on a paper that I pretty much had scrapped and re written a billion times, with absolutely know clue about what I was studying.
It was A NIGHTMARE and me and my friends were seriously about to break. No sleep, muscles soar as feck, and litrarly wanting to break down in tears every minute and give up. Whenever we tried to shut our eyes cases and legal mumbo jumbos would flood our dreams creating this hostile environment of absolute hell.

One I was finally done at 4am the next day I couldn't go to sleep cuz I knew that I wouldn't wake up in time for the hand in deadline at 9 I stayed up and took these pictures...and then I believe I engaged in numerous skype conversations with my friends about the most trippiest topics....
Oh and.....

Monday, 18 April 2011

She started it...

Practically looking good, that what Kate moss went for, lets not lose sight of that
I dont know, I told myself that I would stop venting about things on my mind on this blog BUT screw it!!! This is my personal space and I don't really care what most bloggs are going on about but I just had to say something.
Usually around this time I'd make a post about "Festival fashion" but after being to one myself I realized that most get ups are practically insane and most often a health risk for anyone who's actually intention was to spend time in the sun listing to music with like minded enthusiast.
Like dont get me started on the numerous earrings that are pretty cool and carefree when dangling from your ear. But, when in a crowed grooving along with a performance you do not want that feather or dream-catcher getting caught in another festival goers hair...cuz that would be uggghh, well you know what I mean.
AND you dont want to walk around in espradels or wedges of any kind, cuz serieouslly, the ground is uneven and often decorated by empty bottles and passed out partygoers so your graceful walk will quickly turn into, bambi on ice.
Also dont pack an outfit that cost you just as much as a ticket to the actual festival....its going to get dirty, you will sweat, people dont care what you look like (the industry and whoever is sponsoring you does) and you will most likely ruin it one way or another if you actually intend on being at a festival.
I've been reading so many editorials and seen so many photos of people at festivals promoting their "fashion", completely missing the point.
This is just an artificial extension that the fashion industry has created in order to extend the trends sold during the summer season into the sale of festival wear.
ITS A FESTIVAL, your ment to have beer pored on you, run throught the open showers on the feild, crowed surf, headbang if your into my kinda music and pretty much be carefree.
Your not ment to make sure your oversized hat is in place, your maxi dress isnt getting trampled by bypasers or catching dirt as it follows you like a train, worry about your perfectly wavy hair, making sure your jewellery dont get lost, dropped or stolen, and keep cheaking back into your tent(if your not one of those that seriously booked into an actuall hotel) to make sure all your valuable possesions havent been stolen....yet.
A trend inspired by does who attended Woodstock and the anti materialistic group we call HIPPIES, this whole thing is kind (curse word) up if you asked me. People where playing in the mud and practically naked, those that looked good still didnt mind getting grass stains on there denim jeans and pretty sure most of those guys where barefot!!!
Pleas take my advice, if you plan on attending a festival this summer, pleas pack lightly and pratically, buy all your stuff second hand as you may end up ruining it and you dont want that money going to waste......and most importantly go see the band you payed so much to see, dont worry about people knowing who your wearing cuz the whole point of this is to listen and chat about music and pretty much having a crazy time......This isnt another excuse for a fashion Week(end). You can look good without trying so hard, and if you still cant manage to pull together an outfit...who cares, you didnt get dressed to walk down a runway and if you did put the least bit of effort into your still missed the point about festival apparel!
...........I dont know for me festival fashion is as stupid as waterproff mascara.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

that skirt is like.....OH MY GOD

The Cranberries.....god that wild horses song still makes me cry and thing about Buffy at her prom with Angel stupid fictional lives are so much cooler, but far from why do we aspire to them?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Most Wanted...

Bjorks hair...because its that fucking cool, reaaaaallllly want that Giraffe print 3.1 Phillip Lim biker after I saw it on Stop it Right Now, a nice no support lace bra that I can wear under my a loose t shirts this summer. i hate wearing bras so something loose and simple like this would be perfect(the bras from la perla) My platformed trainer, cuz I love the 90s that much ill actually be caught dead in these again, an Alexander Wang back pack!!! I love Alexander Wang bags but whenever I hold them it just dosent feel designer(if that makes any sense) that im never convinced as to why I should pay that much for his bags....but hopefully I can convince my mom to hahahaha, Maxi skirt with a slit a la Helmunt Lang....although I think I might make one myself rather than buy it, cuz this skirt is super sheer that I wouldnt pay 200pounds for fabric I am more than certain my petite height will step on and and tear... Burberry Biker jacket, because its so PUNK hahahaha no I sorta hate the conflicting morals of an overpriced brand working a look that is so anti everything it stands for...but I still want it...might just make one this summer, Junya Watannabe....I must have that dress, Still looking for the Chanel Half Tints sunnies, still want more creepers.
Mathilda adorable hopeless attempt at love...while the rest of us carry a pretty sad one, No doubt gotta order that T by Alexander Wang dress(hmm prom dress maybe? I really dont want to be formal, or buy anything formal, or buy anything that I will only wear once which happens allot)....
Update:I cant find that darn dress anywhere!!!!

I said spot it!!!(?)

Wearing: TOPMAN Humper, Citizens of Humanity jeans cortsie of Net-A-Porter, Cheap Monday Sunnies, Creppers by Underground shoes(I just bought two pairs but these suede once are my favourite)
So Im back home for the Easter Holiday and have spent most of my time trying to find a KILLER dress for my gradyation ball than actually doing something productive hahaha. It's been a pain staken task and I have been looking everywhere! Theres nothing short, tight, black, leather and waist clenching enough to wow me into purchasing it. I mean im not asking for allot are I? I've practiclly given myself headaches over the stress of this and whenever i do find a fitting dress, its either sold our or never in my size and sometimes a bit overpriced. My moms not to glad that Im opting for a black dress seeing as its a formal celebration where were all ment to be happy about our succsses, but you guys already know how much graduation isnt going to be all smiles, but mostly goodbyes and a new beginning of harder and much more painstainkinlly realistic times. ....

I love your hair Chloe...

Might just....naaah...should I?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Bittersweet sight of Dirty Doc martens

It was something AM and she's still up. Real tired but couldnt quit go to bed. Even her unconscious reality, was to real to bear. Listening to Dinosour Jr, pretending to know the words to Green Mind. Got the worst hay fever ever. Wondering why she has so much to do and not done anything about it. The skin behind her ear is really sensitive. loves the way her mascara looks two days on. She bites a few and never all her nails. Loves to rub her cheek against her on shoulder like a cat. It always feels like what his shoulder would feel. Always gets a sickening feeling when she realizes how sorry she feels for herself. Im ment to be happy, Im ment to be happy I sort of got it all, right?

So far everyone else has got there happy ending.

Hey Babydoll

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sponsered by Manin Panic...because your worth it

So when I was younger and I hated my parents and whenever we got into an argument I remember how I would yell "When I turn 18 I'm just going to move out dye my hair Blue and do whatever I want!!!!" This was like a mantra of mine because it seriously didn't matter what the argument was about this would always be the way I'd close it before I stormed off to my room. I never really wanted to dye my hair blue as a kid and whenever I wanted to actually do something with my hair my parents would allow my...I guess the new all my threats were empty. Although I did move out after I turned 18 to a town 2 hours away, I never bothered going blue.... I knowlonger hate my parents "that much"....

Dress up: MiLK

Probably the saddest girl in the world, wonderfully gorges Signe from the Milk blogg seems to have it all. Great body, face, hair(im sorry I've got the African frizz as well so I know that your half way strands must be better than mine) HAWT boyfriend(I swear ive been perving over every bloggers BF's..... yours to "ELLanor put your boots on", I swear its like every bloggers BF has to look like they belong to a Abercrombie & Fitch ad campaign), great apartment (im moving back to Sweden after graduation and price isnt a problem, but if you want a great place in Stockholm, GET ON A 5 YEAR WAITING LIST). Now I could keep going on but that would just lower mine and probably everyone else's self esteem....

True to her aesthetic, this 90's maiden knows everything there is to know about the style without actually being a real "fashion" blogger. She's not that into fashion and frankly could care less, but she's got a PERSONALstyle which arguably is the entire point of the whole blogg medium. To vent who you are out to the rest of the world, telling other girls how cool its is to be you. Which in her case is real, honest and painfully true. I've been following her blogg from the beginning as well, and if I recall correctly she started writing because of a minor head injury she had which left her house bound one summer and so she needed a new medium of entertainment. Her blogg is rather therapeutic and sometimes upsetting, she really is a good example of "Dont judge a book by its cover....or synopsis" She's not the happiest girl in the world, but I will go as far, without knowing her and say, she's still is the luckiest girl in the world.

What She Would wear:

She dresses generally basic, almost like a person that dosnt shop cuz you never have an idea were she may have found her clothes, otherwise she can often be found wearing American Apperal back when she used to work there.

What She Should Wear:

I wouldn't change her. Theres something desperately real about her and it would be wrong of me to talk about how amazing and original she is and then try to attempt to change her......and to be frank I honestly dont know what id do with her she's just perfect even if its not my idea of a perfect look. Her ability to look the way she does is an accomplishment in itself.....

Check her out at her out as she has returned back to her old blogg