Tuesday, 30 November 2010

....The woman in my life

I'm trying to update this blog as often as I can because if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have been able to have met or experience half the things this blog brought me......
.....Alright that's about enough of my sentimental side (blagh)
Now on a more interesting note, in the next 7 days I'll share with you, the Woman in my life who may have played a part in making me into who I am today.
NOW arguably male role models have dominated my character/personality, but I think it is more fitting to share the Ladies in Lady's life....
First up Brenda Walsh
.....yes she's a bitch, she always gets her way, yes she only thinks about herself...and then others.
She's what I've failed to not to become.
I've always known what I want, gotten what I've wanted and can often turn into a bitch if you try to make me compromise.
So why do I look up to her other than being a huge 90210 fan?
She's not a people please and the thing I need from people in life, is honesty
......but I am a nice person, even when I try not to be.
Oh and before I forget...

Join Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE Magazine, Maggie Bullock, Deputy Editor of ELLE Magazine, and Erin Kaplan, Public Relations Director of ELLE Magazine and cast member of MTV’s reality show The City. as they discuss the new book The ELLEments of Personal Style: 25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Shop, Dress, and Live, the business of fashion, and how to have great personal style. The ELLEments of Personal Style gives readers exclusive access to today's most glamorous personalities such as Christina Hendricks, Alicia Keys and Anjelica Huston, along with hundreds of practical tips and inspiring photographs. The result is a sumptuous, comprehensive guide for creating an authentic, alluring personal style.

When: December 2, 2010; 7 PM

Where: Barnes & Noble Tribeca, 97 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007,

What: Discussion, Q&A, and book signing

Sadly I've got Uni and live across the pond but it sure shouldnt stop you natives from going

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010

I originally planned on a post which would be much like the interviews you could read in the ELLEments of Style book.
But as much as I tried to edit my wardrobe into favourite pieces I felt like the end collage didn't represent me at all.
I've come to realize that I cant be defined by the cloths I wear.
I mean there are some solid trends in my closet

-I demand versatility
-there is no such thing as formal and casual wear
-I only buy stuff in black, navy blue grey and white, precisely in that order
(everything else i own has either been handed down to me, gifted, or carry some sentimental value, and goes in the candy box)
-I demand simplicity in cloths!!!
-.......and extravagance in shoes(always)

I DONT wear pants that often and whenever i do its made out of leather....so why do i own 37 pairs?
The element of my style is, it will never define me, im not exactly a dull person without my closet but i will admit that's the first thing people notice about me.....

(Front and back view, Fave DIY croped top at the moment)
NOW to announce the winner of the giveaway is....


"I would never like to think that clothes define me and in many ways I hate 'fashion' but I love that you can express so much of yourself through clothing."

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Wearing: My little sisters old dress which she gave to me because she's gotten real tall...and I still look like im eight. My studded Bracelet's which I made into a choker.
A stolen necklace of my little sister(which my mom advised me to hide before she kills me) and shoes from OFFICE

P.S Competions closed and I'll both post and announce who it is tomorrow

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Twisted Transistor

Fishnet knee socks, black lips, Studded chocker Neckband and Leather backpack....
Buy it now(please dont cuz if your wearing it before me ill make me real upset)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

Wearing: Top from New Look and Old Skirt from TOPSHOP
im going to stop moaning, people just arent worth all that time and concern.
So I figured I'd live in denial...see how its like to live life like the way everyone else does.
Last pic, feels a bit...VAIN

P.S, I havent gotten around to choose a winner for the giveaway yet so it still open till this Thursday and if ur leaving a comment drop an email on there to,

Friday, 19 November 2010

....what does it mean

You're sleeping in your bed, Just rest your weary head, Maybe you shouldn't care,
Throw away those dreams and dare...

We enter in my head, Feeling like I'm God, With the world around me...

I'd like to pull you into me, Intercept you, in between
but I will never walk without, outside...

...If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

Understand that i can't feel anything/ Gun against my head, you live when I'm dead.

i love my new dress, I hate these old feelings
This is what I do with songs that seemingly get more airplay on my iPod. I keep thinking it means something so i try to make something out of the words that that stick in my head....and I mean I never pay attention to lyrics when it comes to music/im more into the instrumental bits(which might explain why I love loud, pointless screaming). So put the wordrs together and try to see the hidden message.....
....what do u think it means?
pleas click and listen.
Crush by The Smashing Pumpkins, Chi by Korn, Mein by Deftones, Walking after you by Foo Fighters and People = Shit by Slipknot.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Summit: Blue/Velvet/Crush

So today's topic isn't really focusing on one area, but these are currently the taughts wasting the time at the back of my mind....
Blue....other than Navy Blue being my favourite colour my mood has lifted from a dark/black view of the world today into a more....navy blue shade. PROGRESS

Velvet....well after leather, Velvet is my favourite fabric to rap myself around in..... AND I need and want everything around me to be in this fabric.
In the past week I've managed to stock up on some serious velvet and later on I'll show a new dress that i got in....well Navy Blue Velvet...

Crush....I love allot of things, rarely actual Humans, mostly songs and sunsets....and DIGESTIVE BISCUITS....and my moms lasagna...and crucifixes....comics?hmm....definatly Vinyl and anime figurines....aaaaannnd?Leather Pants! and theology,philosophy...especially Epistemology....
Okay but the actual point I'm trying to make is I actually like, a Human now and am going through one of those ghastly Angela Chase faces of pathetic poeticness about everything......Im hoping to get over this cuz there's no way in HELL I'll ever grant a person the pleasure of knowing I like them.

I almost crocked when I saw these dresses at TOPSHOP
Id wear the first one with knee socks, possibly stripped once and the second one with Fishnet knee stockings and my creeper heels and the last one with some insane wedges and a spiked choker necklace.

On an annoyed note.....
WEAR THE FACK(its not a swear word...its got an A in it so get your head out of the gutter) are my Chloe Doc's. My mom keeps telling me to calm down and that ill someday find the right colour, price and size.
Mom someday better be tomorrow

Im still writing my graphic novel, i just wished I had more time to sit down and work on it. If I was institutionalized I'd get loads done....summer vacation plan maybe?
Talking about summer get away, if everything goes as planned next summer me and Morticia(that's not her real name) will be going on an American road trip...cuz I figured if were going to get killed by some crazy dude while out on the road it better be an American and his chainsaw...not some Eastern European that will defiantly torture us a la Hostel style...

Ugh....I adore Agnesse's new hair, I've really got to do something with mine(GREEN? PURPLE?...no)
Oh and I really want my nose pierced, my mom said NO.... backed up with visual aid on her resentment...my dad...ehm yeah id be crazy to ask him. I'll wait till I go home for Christmas and he's all half asleep in front of the news and ask him...he wont mind then.

What i should be wearing...
Topshop and Velvet Docs

alright dont forget about the giveaway.....I've got to go now