Tuesday, 24 September 2013

im bored of myself

behind the scene action of my crazed selfie taking hahaha

One stop shop

bye bye apartment, i wont be paying rent in the next 6 months cuz i had to buy everything from here

if your not listening to this now

get of my blog you happy fuck....(or click the album and listen to it now, and all will be forgiven)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Currently obsessed with...

Katy and her burgundy lips, buns on her head, crucifix earrings, cropped harness leather top and clueless top. Its like the tasties platter of 90s trends bringing a together a complete look that dosnt look 90s at all......and i mean really THANK GOD for that cuz we've seen way to many of them in every freaking reincarnation you can imagine.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


If like, Buffy Summers and Spike had a baby girl (yes vampires can have babies! just watch Angel!) She would dress like this! I can't reiterate myself anymore than I already do in life. But I love black and i luve LEATHER! And anything that taps into any form of 90s nostalgia is a home run for me. Why? I don't know but lets not blame tumblr again. Who dosnt want to look like a hacker/goth/i took the red pill and found the matrix kinda chic? I guess looks like this are so appealing to a few because of its power to give the wearer some form of purpose. You have like this instant role of empowerment once you slip on those black boats an throw this crazy leather cape on which in your opinion is practically bullet proof and despite the purchase of this particular garment being the reason you are now homeless, you know you can survive with just it. Your like the ultimate cape crusader. Anywho, You can't go wrong with an all black minimalsitic 90s look aesthetic...YOU CANT!

good morning...evening, late in the afternoon?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Comic Relief: Make up tutorial thing?

Again i must say i do not wear that much make up, I'm pretty happy about that because i look rather stupid putting it on. I mostly am drawn to foundations until i find some miracle cure for flawless even tone acne free skin...but it aint gonna happen hahaha so for my favourite fall look heres what "ill" need...cuz well...i don't know about what you guys prefer

You will need:
MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC50Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC45Isadora Waterproof eyebrow pen in dark brownChanel Rogue Allure LipstickMac Zoom Lash MascaraThis is EVERYDAY-LOOK which is why blush, eyeliner,lip pen and eye shadow  hasnt been used.It litrarly cant take longer than 5minutes

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


So far the best show out of fashion week. Shayne Oliver has come a far way from filming runway shows in his living room and i must say when it comes to street style, i don't get the hype about Alexander Wang (frankly I'm not a fan of his latest collection and has probably put to much of his creative juice in the upcoming Balenciaga collection) for HBA the collection goes beyond the ever so thrown around term "street style" and bring more of a "street culture" to his shows without killing street wear in this novical sense *coughobeyandsupreme. I mean just look at the folks sitting front row? Theres something definitely more convincing about how street the brand is than to the...well usual fashion crowed usually drawn to these seats. Anywho!!!...most importantly i love this collection because it reminds me that music and fashion are still one, and even though grunge has been done to death for the past 3 YEARS I'm relieved to see that Ghetto Goth is to become the new(? arguably its just street goth) big thing! (now i can go back to wearing flannel and not look so damn trendy...)

"Perhaps the best way to describe what Oliver is up to is to say that he's elevating streetwear into fashion, rather than merely absorbing it as a reference." - Style.com 

Sunday, 8 September 2013


stay in the shade

im a big fan of M.A.C products and now that its finally fall I can finally get away wearing dark shades again without looking like a goth (can black people even look goth? Ghetto Goth maybe?).
For me falls all about browns burgundies and black and really bold brows.
Ill be sharing my favourite everyday look later on, but lets just say it involves nude eyes achieved by

  • Brown mascara, 
  • bold bushy brows 
  • and dark brown lipstick (with a hint of gloss if your into that...)

new hair?

I need to do something about my hair already. Im bored with long black hair, I've done the ombre, I've had orange hair, I've had green, blue, red and even teal? hair, I've had it super short on the side, I've done the mullet, I've done bangs and boobs, the pigtails, the head buns.....ugh, any ideas? or should i simply reprice a an oldie?

Check out my old posts to see how crazy my hairstyles have been!

grunge hippie...

probably the best inspiration vid ever, never believed something could beet the legendary "The Row" vid

Thursday, 5 September 2013

thank god its fall

taught i lost my mind for a second with
all that colour and sunlight and like happiness made me sick....
(i love my reader(s)) hahaha
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