Tuesday, 17 September 2013


If like, Buffy Summers and Spike had a baby girl (yes vampires can have babies! just watch Angel!) She would dress like this! I can't reiterate myself anymore than I already do in life. But I love black and i luve LEATHER! And anything that taps into any form of 90s nostalgia is a home run for me. Why? I don't know but lets not blame tumblr again. Who dosnt want to look like a hacker/goth/i took the red pill and found the matrix kinda chic? I guess looks like this are so appealing to a few because of its power to give the wearer some form of purpose. You have like this instant role of empowerment once you slip on those black boats an throw this crazy leather cape on which in your opinion is practically bullet proof and despite the purchase of this particular garment being the reason you are now homeless, you know you can survive with just it. Your like the ultimate cape crusader. Anywho, You can't go wrong with an all black minimalsitic 90s look aesthetic...YOU CANT!

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