Tuesday, 10 September 2013


So far the best show out of fashion week. Shayne Oliver has come a far way from filming runway shows in his living room and i must say when it comes to street style, i don't get the hype about Alexander Wang (frankly I'm not a fan of his latest collection and has probably put to much of his creative juice in the upcoming Balenciaga collection) for HBA the collection goes beyond the ever so thrown around term "street style" and bring more of a "street culture" to his shows without killing street wear in this novical sense *coughobeyandsupreme. I mean just look at the folks sitting front row? Theres something definitely more convincing about how street the brand is than to the...well usual fashion crowed usually drawn to these seats. Anywho!!!...most importantly i love this collection because it reminds me that music and fashion are still one, and even though grunge has been done to death for the past 3 YEARS I'm relieved to see that Ghetto Goth is to become the new(? arguably its just street goth) big thing! (now i can go back to wearing flannel and not look so damn trendy...)

"Perhaps the best way to describe what Oliver is up to is to say that he's elevating streetwear into fashion, rather than merely absorbing it as a reference." - Style.com 

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