Monday, 30 June 2008

Todays outfit, is well what i woke up in? i just slapped on a hat and my necklace. I even had my shoes on! It's so hot today and ive been busy constructing my Sale Must Find list. Let me share it with you guys
Sale MUST find list:
Leather jacket (Big essential for this fall)
Flannel shirt (in the red-tone field)
Black leather Bag
Brown Leather Heels
Panama Hat

After ive found all these ill just splurge on more shoes. Without list i just end up grabbing anything i see in my size.
Okay now here is what im wearing:
Oh! and before i end i got a new rabbit like two days ago? Her name hahaha,Madame Noire Lickerish, she's my french Lady, I wanted to call her groupie so that she would follow the flow of her friend Hippie may, but everyone was reluctant.
Okay real dizzy its to F-ing sunny, my sisters got a fever so shouldn't be sitting here....
Just wanted to share this pic, i just love how she looks so good!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Prom Was Great, had a fun time, even if it was far to hot and sweaty and i felt that i was dancing next to everyone In the room, where were like a pack of sardines in a jar trying to shake our money makers.
Standing in line was, well interesting, my brother best friend tagged along as he was only over for the weekend and i figured it be fun to have him tag along, Annoying part, the girls that would stop swooning over him, i mean cuz it all goes up in his head :p. Oh one of the guards notice on my ID that i was my birthday, and yelled Happy Birthday, so everyone in line started to sing.....(kill me)
Oh well it was fun crazy and at some moments exhausting but all together it was pretty great.
Fave present i got yesterday, My Nirvana T shirt, oddly yes it was i love it cant stop carrying it around even though i aint wearing it. My brother got it and he kept on saying "ugh you should have seen the Emo's looking at me when i walked in and bought this top!-never again"

Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Birthday...TO ME

Okay making this super qucik got like 30 mintes to get ready for prom, INSANE.Here some pics i had time to digg out. (I seriouslly beelive i was about to give the finger in this pic)
Prom outfit will have to come tommorow.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hi, today my brothers coming over from Sweden and tommorrow, IS MY BIRTHDAY, okay not that excited but its gonna be fun, later that evening PROM, okay i am excited it just hasent hit me how amazing tomorrow is going to be!!! - The only thing that seems to ever excite me is New and expensive shoes i guess.
Todays outfit...yeah well, ill move on, let you be the judgeWearing:
Blouse with bow: Dorethy Perkins
Blue top: Gina Tricot
Shorts (i promise i wont wear them again): Topshop
Ankle Boots: Topshop
Bowl Hat: H&M

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Eye Candy, or feet whatever.....

Nicolas Kirkwood
Haven't been to much lately, maybe because nobody seems to be leaving comments lately so i figured nobodies reading my blog, so anyhow, reader or no reader, my love for this girl is beyond anything else, i mean god she just looks so god even sitting there and she's not even smiling. - Francoise Hardy

Monday, 23 June 2008

Today's outfit was yet another comeback to my plaid shirts craze, Birthday's on Friday and somewhat not really looking forward to it, i mean, i dont wanna became an adult, i dont want to become 18! It sounds weird but that's kinda how i feel...old.
Beanie - H&M
Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Toshop
Platforms - Aldo

just had to add, Mary-kate had her own little birthday bash recently without her sis and i must say, for someone who's gone to rehab she should be capable of throwing a more descent party without booze and ciggs 24/7......AARGH see i am starting to get old!

Bloggernista must see..

Beautiful Swedish Native Elin Kling blogs about her exiting life as a fashion editor for a magazine and her shares for those who understand Swedish tip and her great style. - could be worth looking at

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Todays outfit, maybe not appropriate for the summer feel and its colours, but hey didnt feel like sticking to some trend today (or have i ever?).
So okay went shopping yesterday, and found some shoes, i loved these because of the big golden zip detail, but its on the inside so i didnt see the point since ive already got black ankle boots that are way hotter.-on sale from zara
But i did however by these grey once there made out of, ugh i only know the Swedish word for them, mocca? hahah if your Swedish you'll get what i mean. Was on sale from Zara.

the sales have started by the way, but nothing huge yet so im gonna hold on to my cash until the big deals are made, however when i swinged by Topshop i saw that alot of the fall 08 collection had been brought in and fell inlove with this Miu Miu esque skirt, fell inlove with it but aint gonna cough up £32.

Before i post today's outfit, i just wanted to share with you Small project i was working on. You see i have (hopefully) some kinda sleeping problems so i stay up illustrating all night to pass time, and this is what i came up with. I was thinking something frilly and alive It isn't done since I'm stuck on what her hair colour should be? Any ideas? I was thinking Blue
I must say im surprised that comments still pop up on my blog now an then even though i haven't really uploaded anything interesting. So ive decided to step out of the sun and share some pics of today and what i found on sale yesterday just to be sweet...although ur gonna have to wait three hours im going out for lunch....

Friday, 20 June 2008

I love Rachel Bilson, where booth the same hight but i must say she look much hotter with her petit body in this Herve Ledger dress then i do. effortless, she made it hard to believe

Sorry for the lack of post finals has just been overwhelming, but now there finally over. I can finally set my text books on fire, toss my notes in the air, and stick my ball point pens up my teachers A$!.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

hahaha guess nobody liked the outfit i wore yesterday...anyway, ive gone through the hassle as to actually finding The Topshop 2008 collection and i finally found it, i kinda make a plan/budget as to what my purchases in fall will be, i never shop winter collections since it never get to cold here and even when it those, i dont give a shit Sweden is much worse. (fave look, The lumber jacket in the mesh of a leather jacket look is so new and appealing, a must have for my new Hippie Grunge Look which im currently creating for this fall)View the whole collection+prices Here

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Wearing your heart on your sleeve may be inevitable today, so it’s useless to attempt to put on a poker face. Owning your emotions may actually be good for you. Overcome your shyness and propensity to retreat into a protective shell. This is the way to get a thicker skin rather than using defensive armor. -today's horoscope, totally accurate. Anyone wanna guess my sign?

Todays outfit, didnt come out to clear on camera but hey, what can i do, got what til my birthday before i get anew camera. But im kinda stuck, should i give up like a camera for the new Rock Band game? I know this is totally irrevelant but i love that game and i must have it!! It haunts me in my sleep....So should i? Cuz i love to play the drums and theres no way i could get a new drum set, there to loud and it takes u to much space, and i dont think Uni will let me bring that along...

Anyway todays outfit, is very Groupie:

Bowl hat- H&M
Top- Zara (very Givenchy)
Short Shorts- Topshop
Bag- Topshop
Boots- haha there so worn out from Aldo

im hoping to be able to pull this look of in the would have been easy if i didnt have such fat ties...