Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Sorry today i promise a new outfit coming up, Ive just been over the top busy but today i will get one up...eventually. In the mean time Ive got ehm...some bad pics of a lil illustration (yes i illustrate whenever i have time) i made.once there fully complete and coloured ill scan them and get a better pic, cuz hey ide honestly like to know...what do you think?

The last pics scale armour is inspired by Balenciaga's metallic leggings. I got lots more so once i get them all done (propabbly take six months) you guys will be the first to know!

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Anonymous said...

ohhhh i looove the drawings!! Colour them in I wanna see them properly! They are so cool.
And i adore your name. Really. Im jelous I didnt come up with that!! =)

Oh yea - and the leggins look pretty awesome too. Way to go.