Thursday, 12 June 2008

To days outfit, is a lil what i call Luxurious grunge, i usually save this side of my wardrobe for Autumn, but i felt tempted to try on my new plaid shirt.
look requires
-torn jeans(skinny)
-oversize plaid top(tie it in the back you want it loose fitted and not swamping)
-oversize blazer in black/grey(didn't wear one here since it so hot so got for a waistcoat if you'd like)
-HEEL's and not Converse!(to keep it luxe, you need the feminine elements)-preferable brown or black Ankle Boots
-Messy hair a la Mary-Kate (i ain't saying Courtney cuz hers is just nasty)
-Oversize leather bag
hmm...that's all? might have missed something.

Oh and keep accessorise at a minimum (could be a male watch a single neckles -gold on red shaded plaid and silver on Blue)


Lydia said...

i love this look.
can't go wrong with plaid!

do you want to trade links?
i love your blog.

NICOLE said...

i love this look. it looks soo great!

Miriam said...

wow. you look great! love that outfitt!

Miriam said...

haha you are welcome anytime! oh thats fun, how old are you now? BIG KISS.

Jenny said...

love love love your style. i have those aldo shoes too and thanks you...i now found a new way to wear them (never thought of pairing them with plaid, GENIUS!) keep it up girl