Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Finally! A pic of me, okay you might not be that exited but here's today's pic. Very Hot (but could be hotter) weather today and im getting real nervous for my Economics exam on Friday. This is it! You screw up you ain't getting in to the Uni of your dreams (maybe not dreams but ill do, ide rather go to NYU) Oh well this outfit isent a new thing it's from the side of me that only comes out between October-March. Around that time i go for a more androgynous chic Look a la Ashley Olsen here.
That might explain why i have over 12 blazer in my closet and a whole lota stolen shirts from my dad. He really hates when i steal them cuz then he's all

-"I was planning on wearing that to work today Lady!"

-"To late smells like a girl now!"

Oh well Hope you love it

Shirt: My dads, Ted Baker

Short-Shorts: Topshop

Wedges: New Look

Now Im gonna flick through a book of mine to help me improve my illustration.


vogued out!!! said...

Love the wedges, they have a chloe-esque look to them.

fashion* CHALET said...

great wedges and awesome way to pull of the high waisted look :)