Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sorry forgot to load up yesterdays outfit, i guess the lack of comments its due to people tired of hearing me wine about not having a dress to the prom, i know shit happens. Oh well i wasent really in the mood to post up pics so sorry for the less happy more annoyed faces.


Top Hat: H&M

Grey T shirt: H&M

Shorts: Topshop

Cardi: H&M

Wedges: New Look

at the end it got a lil to much for me......Nah! i just got the sun in my eyes and couldnt take it anymore, good im not THAT much of a drama queen.

The positive thing about yesterday, is that my current phone contract offered me the new iPhone 3G as soon as it comes on on the 11 of July, for FREE, as long as i prolong another 18months, so my answer was HELL YEAH, my dads paying for it anyway.


Alice Point said...

I really like your beauty:). You look great wearing this hat.


Miriam said...

CUUUUUUTE. you look amazing. i was just wondering where you live? big kiss


Lydia said...

this outfit is pretty much perfect.
*sigh* what i would do for perfect high waisted shorts!

hanna said...

Love the hat!