Thursday, 12 June 2008

Question Time

If you got to chose a look for your guy (or for those that don't, which look appeals to you) which would it be and why?
-could be based on a celeb
-or simply descriptive

This is the look my ideal guy would have to have (leather and plaid), a slightly cleaned up grunge look, i am a sucker for homeless people, but for my own safety ill go for someone in their right sence of mind. But i still fantasise me walking around with my guy looking like trash, and Moi Fab, people wondering why. (i find odd couples cute)

-(super Hot Jared Leto) Id be what i call -"Luxurious Grunge"- A look that contradicts its original meaning.


AZIZA said...

Black, I think. Leather elements. Clothes that fit! (The boif likes to wear shirts 2x larger than necessary) Experimenting with textures. Oh and jewelry.

Rich Hippie said...

hahha i love how you added jewelry as its a complete turn of on me!!! hahah i can see you guy now drained it rings and braclates. naw but i like it :) cool.