Saturday, 7 June 2008

Hi decided ti head out today to check the stores out as my mom decided to take the day of. No Luck however, i mean i found some great stuff but nothing that struck me as hard as that yellow dress.

But i so allot of great stuff anyway so ill share.
I found this beautiful dress From Zara, i was gonna buy it....but my card was...DECLINED!

hahaha so i called my mom and she didn't approve of the dress(not the price) and said quot

-" usually i trust your judgement about Fashion but today....?"
the Womens crazy!...right?

Then i spotted an interesting this might not have been so nice, but i liked it in person and im obsessed with them.

Moving on to H&M which was completely dull and boring today 9they seriously have to start stocking stuff, that people will actually buy! Saw this star top, very inspired from the Americano trends, this might have been so nice but i really what something with stars...

I saw an adorable dress though, looks red here but was a cute pink, and they had a baby blue one was well, it had a cool fade effect, but looked to cheap so a no here as well.

Now over at Warehouse they had an assume dress, but sadly not in my size, it was really cute though was in the Wine Red colour that i wanted.

Over at Topshop i fell in love with yet another Blazer, didnt have my mom around so i wouldn't buy it and she wouldn't allow me to own yet another blazer) so a NO. But im going back tomorrow so hopefully ill grab it with me...ill just ask my dad. Its very Gossip Girl so i need it!

Oh and today im wearing:

Beanie: H&M
Top: H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Aldo (i found them on an F-ing 50% off!)


Jules said...

you're so RICH you could buy it the whole price anyway.

Rich Hippie said...

hahahayeah I guess so