Monday, 2 June 2008

Today were just going skip what i wore (probably have it posted tomorrow or later on today) and focus on the Fashion that went down at MTV's 2008 Movie Awards. I must say the turnout was great and there's going to be allot of juice debates about the ansambles that strutted down the red for now lets pop some popcorn not to watch a movie (or the awards) but to watch the style Hits and misses.

First up, Three time Rehaber (Shes Our American Winehouse....propaby even drank that much) Lindsay Lohan,wearing Dolce & Gabbana. I must at my first glans of this dress, it looked like something i used to do when i was in despret need for a nice straples coktail dress.....i pull my skirt up and slap a belt around the waist. It didnt look goods and if you saw the ebfore show it was pretty short. However i love the colour and soo...ill give it
next up, Rumer Willis. Going for all black, i will have to pull back a couple of marks as it a far to save look. Being young(judging by her age, not her apperance) you should go wild and flaunt what you got. This look aged her and the designer worn here was Herve Leger and as you see(read) later on another starlet will put the desingers good name back.

Now, This dress can be summed up witn only one word...FIERCE. Lucy Walsh (who) wore Christian Siriano, Winner of Project Runway Season 4 and i so loved him and was glad to watch him win. Okay back to the it would have gotten top grades from me since i looce the colours and the ruffles, BUT<>

FHM Number 1 Sexiest Woman Megan Fox looking like, A Ballerina girl? I dont know what to say about this dress, I mean, it's beautiful, it's just the COLOUR! I mean dont get me wrong Pink is Girly and stuff...

But She embodies that dark haired vixen looka dn youd expect more from number one most Sexiest right? I mean, it like seeing angelina Jolie in a Pink Too Too, its cute, but just not her.
Wearing Zac posen, Which i love, She wont recive anything bellow 5 ,but, if she just had gone for something darker like in a deep green or a navy blue ide love it, maybe even Yellow? It's a Hot trend this summer i you cant go wrong with yellow.
Grade:6..oh dude! make it 7/10

Next Sex and the City starlet, Sarah jessica Parker. I mean OMFG the name screams glamour, and so did her outfit. I mean common a woman of her age blew away most of the young hollow starlets that strutted down the red carpet. It looked Young, Hot and..Sparkley. hahah i dont know im speachless she is the only one that went for the unpredictable and maybe, just maybe a lil to far. I mean this is only y opinion so bare with me. White ankle boots? In my book and im even willing to bet that Anna Wintour would agree with me....tacky. Takcy, Tacky, Tacky. I mean common, white boots? Your not a super Hero, and the only reasons why they get away with it is beacuse theyve got other qualities to consider (superpowers)...i dont like white bags either by the way. Dress is by L'wren Scott
Grade: 8/10

Our real Ballerina, Charlize Theron went for a, well super hero look. She looks like she could kick as in those heels! The corshete is beautiful as it showes off her amazing physic (did i spell that right)
However, she pulled a Lohan by sporting...what looks like leggins? on the carpet and that i must say...not so good.
Grade:5/10 sorry dont know the designer.

Now for a starlet that showed some intressting leg-in(s)an Betsey Johnson dress(ugh bad tan lines), no-longer the hieres Paris Hilton. I must say i expected her to show up in cotton Candy pink. But jail time and an intresting hoke up with Benji madden as tranformed the Barbie-with-A-pulse into sophistication. or i mean I dont really like it, id prefer the annoying Paris that danced on tables. I mean She lookes like a lame sun tanned version of Dita Von Teese.
Sorry Paris, but thats what you get when you date Nicole Ritchies twin Brother and spark rumors about marring a Madden before her.

Let's continue on the dark saide with Juno Star, Ellen Page. I love it. Not pure say for the style but for the idea behind it. I mean this is Red carpet rebell. Ive never seen her glam up (that much) and she should stay this way, it gives her age and differnatiates her fromt he croud of the skinny sun-tanned label whores, Holywood embodies m(Psst...i love you i love you skinny label whores!)

Now someone that looked like she ripped of the sleeve of Ellen Pages Leather Jacket Anna Hathaway. Shw to went safe with black, but she turned out allot more intresting then Rumer Willis by shortining the dress, choosing an odd fabric..for a dress and have the one of sleeve goinge on. I am not a fan of the one sleeve i find it unflattering on a womens shoulders.
Now wearing Sophia (oh god) Kokosalaki, thats hard to prounaouce after a couple of Cosmos....
Grade: 4/10

And now for the disatsters!!!

First runner up Live Tyler, dont really care what she was wearing and ill give her pitty points beacuse i love her dads band (Aerosmith) and that she jus got a divorce. She has such a beautiful body and should have showed it, although im suprised that she even showed up, what movie did she do? The dress, honestly, stand alone value...Hot, on her, Not. I mean look at what she paired it up with? leaopard(more like tard) loubs, with its signature red heels. Now I am real strict when it comes to red and pink going together. Cuz seriolly no, its an iche i have, i cant stand that S*=?%!
Aaah, Jennifer Hudson..were to start? Okay lets work up, down. Hope earings, girl this aint da club. The make up..well beautiful...if it was ment to compliment something metalic she was wearing(the silver clutch) dosent count. The bra itself is ugly, its broken already of my rules in that Pink and Red should NOT go together! And secondly bra's are ment to be underwear aka worn under something your actually wearing! Shw already pulled the bra thing off once at the Sex and The City premier, and got away with it, but this time...NO. The white unlfattering dress with an ugly cheap looking (okay getting harsh) belt UGH! Heels...UGH.
Grade: -2/10

Alright now that ive finally caught my breath, i left the most
Intresting Red carpet battle for last.
The battle taking place on The Hills of ultimate reality(?)TV Star
Starting off in aplphabetical order,

Audrina Patridge.Now she found the right look to go for, which i earlier mentioned is the look Megan Fox should be following. Wearing..hmm? ehm yeah ill check that later, she looked beautiful. I love the new bang and the way the dress huges every right curve on her body. The colour complamenting her sun kissed complection. Although dark, she turned out shinning brighter then most of the stars Grade:7/10

Barbie aka Heidi Montage, blew me away. I mean with her past apperances (hence David letterman) and the outfits she's been wearing, and re-wearing 9chloe dress anyone?) i expected to see a huge fashion fopa! But This, turned out looking AMAZING. I mean blood is currently running out of my mouth as i utter the words AMazing in the same sentence with Heide Montage. Wearing Herve leger, this BodyCon rap dress, made her the eye candy of the red carpet Grade:9/10

Next up, the hipocrit that loves to be felt bad for, in any situation Lauren Conrad. Now she calls herself, or she believes to be some fashion whatever. I mean have you seen her line its full of Shi...okay it's the dress wear judging. I love the colour, even on her but it seemed to long, and when i say this i mean there is a certain lenght for each body, some lenght flatter and some dont. I not saying go al short or all long but Lauren's Body cant pull of that length, to be honest it gave her horrible hips. A the trick would be anywhere above her knees could look just fine but over, shortens you (if your not already tall) and widens the the remaining length of your shape. Oh and she got that one shoulder thing going on and she already has a stubby neck you'd wanna illongate it.

Whitney Port being the inecent one staying out of drama and bad fashion choices...went for a bad fashion choice. I mean it looks like a really bad prom dress and the shoes that looked like they wear detailed with lego cubes...I dont know i figure for somone that works within fashion and has had such a good reputation, would have upheld it. Oh and whats up with the broch? Laurens dress would look better on Whitney and the lenght of Whitney's dress would flatter Laurens Body. Grade:4/10(you let Lauren beat you?!)

The winner...Heidi Montage?

Oh well At least Lauren got her buddies right?


Danz said...

I liked SJP's outfit actually...and white bags haha! I guess everyone is different. Jennifer Hudson on the other hand was the epitome of tacky.

Sam said...

HAHA i love how you gave jennifer hudson a -2, she deserved it though!! lol