Sunday, 22 June 2008

Todays outfit, maybe not appropriate for the summer feel and its colours, but hey didnt feel like sticking to some trend today (or have i ever?).
So okay went shopping yesterday, and found some shoes, i loved these because of the big golden zip detail, but its on the inside so i didnt see the point since ive already got black ankle boots that are way hotter.-on sale from zara
But i did however by these grey once there made out of, ugh i only know the Swedish word for them, mocca? hahah if your Swedish you'll get what i mean. Was on sale from Zara.

the sales have started by the way, but nothing huge yet so im gonna hold on to my cash until the big deals are made, however when i swinged by Topshop i saw that alot of the fall 08 collection had been brought in and fell inlove with this Miu Miu esque skirt, fell inlove with it but aint gonna cough up £32.


Jay said...

ok love the hat and boots

Anonymous said...

You´re soo cute!! Love your outfit <'3