Friday, 31 July 2009

Are you F-ing Kidding me....

Seriouslly the
hole point of being grunge is to be anti trend! Not some L.A look that should be
disgustingly ripped off my the business men of this indusrty. Looking grunge is
looking cheap disgusting and dirty, something unpleasent and not worth splurging for, something thats convientlly already laying
on your floor ready to be thrown on. They already tried to sell out the look
back in the 90's (yes Marc I am pointing my finger at you) and I will admitI did cock up the word
Luxurious grunge before (an expensive twist...) but come on.....I really dont like where this look
is going....I will however go get that tie dye playsuit so thanks for sharing that at least.....


Feeling blue...Clothes still havent arrived.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hey those post is probably 8 hours late as since it was ment to be published before I leave Sweden. But now Im home frustrated with the load of shit I have to attend to. But wait for the bonus you guys, My bag was left in Holland and will apparently be here tomorrow. I think id actually lose my mind if I lost all my clothes!!!!
Wearing: Leather Jacket-Zara, Tee - Im wearing two right now can anyone guess the Icon beneath it? Floral Leggings-Topshop, Black leather studded bag - Dont know my mom baught it for me Braclets - H&M and Ragfreaks, Wedges - Office
There was a shocking amount of people that would stop me in the middle of the street just to ask where id got my shoes from

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I figured I'd share a mentality I carry around when shopping. Reading magazines pretty much every other day gets you fantasizing abut having that amazing closet filled with designer clothes, yet the reality is your not so capable wallet.

So when out and about, if im not able to splurge I'm never put of from achieving that delux look I constantly read about. I'f you havent already noticed i spend far to mch money at Topshop and my closet is a testimate to that. It used to be funny but when you leave the house dressed top to toe in Topshop you feel a little ridicouluse. I hate people that step into trendy stores and buy everything in there thinking it could make you look trendy.....hahhaha and now im a victim of that!!!

I dont know I guess its just much easier walking into topshop cuz they always seem to have what im looking for. I have three pit stops
Topshop, Zara and H&M thats my routin, it's the most convinient way of shopping for me, I dont really shop anywhere else unless theres a sale or if a new seasons arived and theres a specific piece im looking for.

I've shared here The A Wang looks that can be found at Topshop for those interested, I also shared this becuase I felt that the SS09 collection was particullary savy in the way that its somthing you could live of for the rest of your youth if you'd like, very versitel in the way you could switch peices around and the colour pallet is very season freindly.

No matter what comes down the runway I know that I will be refrencing Alexander wangs Grunge and sporty looks for a while.

Monday, 27 July 2009

aww man with my brothers accient laptop i cant really tell how the layout on my blog is ment to be.....Anywho This chick is amazing, her style and not only because everything looks so much like the stuff I own, but the way she puts it together in an obviouse way. It just comes out so amazing and since im looking to change way things are ment to be worn, its nice to see another perpective on things you already own. Check her out!!
I'll try to share what I've bught these past few days tommorrow, but until nex time keep dropping you mean comments cuz I must be honest there more fun to read than the typical "cool post" remarks.

Back on the 30th.....

Lets do dangerous things to each other, cause chaos and destruction amongst the others and find love within another.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Hey guys I havent been able to update my blog becuase I've been busy trying to understand wy swedish shoppers are so agressive, you can bearly move true there sales section cuz everyonce looking for a bargin. So far my best buys have been at Cheap Monday's store Weekday with ridicolus 75% off!!
I'm going out tonight and to my horror the dress that I picked out to wear tonight has a wonky zip so it stops halfway up!!! Im off to get it fixed and hopefully ill be done for tonight...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Before I go...

I guess I should stop apologising for not updating I actually haven't realized that I do consistently update my blog. I just worry that I kind of bore you guys with the same old shit.
......Okay something weird just happen, I just put someone elses concerns before mine? Fuck it, dose whom return to my blog to read the same old shit are those that I will waste my time pleasing the rest can bite me.
So It's been raining a little on and off today and since this will be the last post for a while I figured I'd make an effort and show what I am wearing(and will be wearing when at the airport) today. I love airports and have fond memories there since I was a kid. I remember my mom throwing up in her bag when we got on the plan (felt bad for my brother that sat next to her) I remember being jet lagged at Heathrow and walking into Chanel with bloodshot eyes and out of control hair. And ofcourse my parents will always get into huge arguments and stress out the day before and during our time at the airport, which makes thing so much more pleasant.....

Wearing: Leather jacket - Zara, Sequin Top - Topshop, Black Suede Harem pants - Zara and Pantent Ankel Boots - Aldo.
Sayonara Bitches

Dont you about anything else?

I do talk listen and think about things non-related to grunge, they just happen to be not as interesting things. I need to get myself a pair of Wine Red Doc martens but with a higher top. Someone asked me what my deal was with England and I guess I dont like it here cuz it's not my home and never could be. Tales of great English gentleman was disapointadly replaced with the reality of drunken football hooligans. Im just not a fan of being part of a society that's so segregated. Being part of one class leaves you without a link to others (being priviledged dosent equal being stuck up and worried about what other people think of you) and anyone who knows me knows that im not a fan of cliques, stereotypes and fucked up social that's why I dont like England cuz those lines are clearly drawn here.

You could be my lucky star.....

My mom used to wear her hair like her and actually make me listen to her, I cant
name the number of times I'd walk up to my dad and ask over and over again whats
a virgin was, I wanted to be her so bad, I wanted to be -"Like a Virgin"

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hey guys sorry for being a bitch and ignoring my blog. Finally packed my perfect closet for Sweden, then ruined by going shopping. God I swore I wouldnt make anymore purchases until like September. I've got all the clothes I need plus more yet I feel the need to buy more as if im collecting them.
Today had to be my old changing room styled shots as It's been raining like hell and by the time I got back I'd be to tired to take an actual photo.
Wearing: Denim shirt Zara Leather pants and suede ankle boots from Topshop.
I love my new patent boots as they remind me so much of the YSL boots from fall last season. Now just to find time to actually wear them.
Im not sure if im going to get that much blogging done while in Sweden, but I will try.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sorry for not updating been busy unpacking and packing again, I have this fear off loosing my baggage at the airport and hate travelling with allot of clothes for that reason, but at the same time a girl loves variety....