Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Stockholm vs New York

I could seriously scream right now, Im just so frustrated with my environment right now and if something good dosent happen soon im going to scream.

There seriously never been a time when I'm not suppressing an emotion of anger in my life and I guess my expectations on things are kinda off high, but theres no way I'd settle for less.....
I am however exited to go to Stockholm as I've already mentioned and am filling up my calender with things to do, places to shop and people to see.
I'm also contemplating moving back after i graduate,
Stockholm's just such an amazing place and its been home since forever and it's the only place I know. But I really want to move down to New York and start afresh, yet right now its starting to sound a little scary going down all on my own, so I guess a just need to work up enough capital to comfortably move to down with a descent apartment and bullet proff plan. The only thing im determined off is that I hate England (love my friends her though so don't get it wrong) and I could never imagine ever living here, ever! (ugh and sorry about frowning in that one pic, I cant help but...not smile?)
Wearing Blazer: Zara, Silk top: Topshop
Denim Shorts: Topshop, Cut off stockings, and Wedges: Office
God...can I every look casual with this haircut? Its near impossible!


The Novelista Barista said...

aweeee why do u hate it so much?!?!?!
move to new york!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CMA said...

keep your hopes up dearie, mother nature always takes hold
fun simple outfit, i love the shoes
gorgeous darling, keep up the fun inspiration

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alyssa said...

just shake it up a little for a messy look! i love it though!

Anonymous said...

why? What's wrong with England?

Hanna Rosengren said...

Den blazern har jag med! love it!

stephanie said...

looks awesome! you should check out http://www.fashionfreax.net they are looking for content like yours. I think you would be awesome on there!

bryna said...

cool outfit, love the blazer and the shoes.

Ms. Butterfly said...

Nice blazer

meow meow said...

love the biker shorts underneath xo