Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hey those post is probably 8 hours late as since it was ment to be published before I leave Sweden. But now Im home frustrated with the load of shit I have to attend to. But wait for the bonus you guys, My bag was left in Holland and will apparently be here tomorrow. I think id actually lose my mind if I lost all my clothes!!!!
Wearing: Leather Jacket-Zara, Tee - Im wearing two right now can anyone guess the Icon beneath it? Floral Leggings-Topshop, Black leather studded bag - Dont know my mom baught it for me Braclets - H&M and Ragfreaks, Wedges - Office
There was a shocking amount of people that would stop me in the middle of the street just to ask where id got my shoes from


Ms. Butterfly said...

That's because those shoes are the shit! Hope you get your bag(s). I would die too if I lost my clothes.

The photo from the airplane is so cool.

Anonymous said...

ouch that sucks, hope you get your clothes back.

wow the studded bag is amazing. and i srsly think those shoes own every pair of mine!

Anonymous said...

omg nightmare loosing them losing your bag! that like one of my biggest fears along with falling over in massive heels in front of the entire world!!

that bag is soo hot!

Kay @

Anonymous said...

loving the leggings and leather together
gorgeous darling, as always!
loving it

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The Novelista Barista said...

love the outfit!!!
how was sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Champagne said...

That's one of my big fears when I finally get my ass on a plane. Loosing my stuff.