Monday, 30 May 2011

I cant tell you I love you cuz then id never leave

and if i told i love you, id have to stay....either way id know i would have made a big mistake.
I think it would be easier if I knew this guy I "like like" didnt like me back. Then I think leaving Brighton for Stockholm this fall would be easier. However its killing me, this not saying anything because it simply dosent seem fair to either sides. But then saying something and leaving that person dosent seem fair to him either.
It's situations like this that makes life so fucking pointless!!!!!
bla bla bla emo rant blaaaahhhh.
I was listning to this song before I decided to make up a dumb excuse to see him today

wearing: secondhand dress

you dont have to wear colours in the summer if u dont want to

Saturday, 28 May 2011

mind riot

.....god i must have bjorks orange hair... oh and those darn Chloe docs knock offs!!! first urban outfitters now Jeffery Campbell...coincidence, fuck no!
obs...just realized a forget to add the actual shoe i was yapping about....thats what u get from waking up at six and studying till six the next day. wish me luck with my exams...cuz all i want is to sleep again!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

make up....for lost time

Wearing nothing but....
my new cherry black lipstick(that smells amazing i find myself licking it off) Ralph Lauren Shirt dress(AMAZING find after wanting to get this for ages) Dr Martens and Topshop Backpack...oh and my new hanging GOLD(OMG ive got gold jewelry hahahaha) cross from TOPMAN

sorry for not being the best blogger, but seeing as this isnt what I live on focusing on exams and actually graduating, finding a job, remembering to do things i promised people id get done so sorry but ill find a way to make up for lost time
(and OMG do any of you guys Supernatural? what da piiping fuck is going on :D, and yeah cried my eyes out on smallvilles season final, not because it was good because the final was absolute crap and it felt like they spit the fans in the eye....but because I love smallville and was so sad to see it end :(....felt abit pathetic since im not a cryer hahaha)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

my morning beauty regime.....

..............since the day I figured out the function of a reflection, pulling faces has been a terrible habit of mine. thats pretty much it i dont have a beauty routine, just splash face with water, pat my hair into shape or pull them back into pigtails....and out the door, hopefully remembering to have brushed my teeth before ;)

Friday, 13 May 2011

what the HAIR did you DO!!!!

TOPMAN jumper, TOPSHOP skirt and Backpack, Dr Martens, Hair, and a song by the Smashing Pumpkins(click)........happy friday the 13th

Thursday, 12 May 2011

what did you do!!!!!

outfit post coming shortly
screencap from the movie Empire Records

Monday, 9 May 2011


Bjorks debute album on vinyl (and that perfect sweater), A no fuss lace bra for this summer which i hope to suttly ecpose through my loose T's, Angelina Jolie in Hackers, Polaroid film and how stupidly expensive they've got, that girls hair out of Rules of Attraction, Pixie's Warhol hair, im generally obssesed with hair and how I regret cutting it short again(or well trim it..but yeah back to square I-HAVE NO PATIANCE), those darn Proenza Schoulers shoes that never went into production, the Matrix and Alice in Wonderland Hypotecy, leeeeaaattthhhheeerrr, the 90s, the 90's obssesion with witches and vampire trends, Brenda Walsh and her not so symetrical face, Crucifixes, pain, hunger and Ryan Gosling....I love you :)


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dress up; Elin Kling

So if you havent already noticed I'm most impressed by Swedish blogger and here are my reasons why:
-There approach on Fashion and Finance is attainable (just look at H&M)
-They talk about there day in a way so real, you know your bound to run into one, while grocery shopping
-They always have insight on fashion without being the insider labels are trying to hoard there merchendise through.
-They predominately are real girls in that Fashion Blogger sense.

I've been reading Elin's blogg since she started at
Stureplan is sort of the "Upper East Side" in Stockholm when it comes to great apartments, Club Kids and Socialite scandals. Now you might be wondering why an in depth gal like me would waste time on a site like that(LOL), but in High School I had zero to no friends which gave me allot of time to sit at home and read blogs...eventually starting my own(yepp it all started out of boredom) Elin was that kind of girl I grew up around in Sweden which led to my enormously low self-esteem. But despite being this she had a fun attitude towards fashion were she wasnt affraid to try everything and was the openly goofy chic that prides her ability to hypnotise chicken(yea you read that right no need to go over that line again).

She was the girl who seemingly had it all since day one, but the one blogger/individual who still had to spend YEARS getting to where she is now, which is initially global recognition, a collaboration line with H&M and now her own Magazine STYLEby. I must say I hate bloggers who blog just to open doors but Elin Kling(despite getting on my nerves whenever she talks about what a long and tierding day she had.....working on awesome projects!!!) is the most business savy hard working blogger out there!!! This girl is thinking long term and is know longer just relying on looking good in outfit posts.
I dont know personally I believe she's done a stellar job on cashing on an industry where on day blogging(?) is in and the next day...your out.......She most certainly will have her own fashion empire by then.

What she would buy...and in this case keep on working.
Kling changes her look allot and I for one love her new uptown look since she's been in New York

Morticia Adams

by Vanessa Traina

Saturday, 7 May 2011

when your feeling down....

watch Clueless a kid I always imagined becoming her...she was the white swan I would one day blossom to

Friday, 6 May 2011

no more staged shots, fake backdrops, and lame model poses

Wearing: TOPSHOP Boutique dress, secondhand over over sized shirt(my new favourite thing) ZARA Leather Jacket Creeper by Underground and Sunglasses(more like crazy bug eyes) from Urban outfitters (oh there really big and fall of your face so not really the most practical pair)
real, unedited, me(on a good day).
seriously since when did outfit post get so pose. Just thinking about it has become a huge laughing matter.
I hate getting my picture, cuz im not photogenic and the thought o someone actually focusing on me for that long makes me squeamish. Most of my picks are taken by me or a reason cuz whenever someone else does i either cant hold still enough before i look away, not laugh or....lick my lips? thats a nervous habit...that and well not looking AT you.
So this is me being me :)

Heavy Metal

I buy most of my arsenal (calling it jewellery just seems wrong) either at TOPMAN or Rag Freaks...the rest is just stolen off guys and my little sister.
I've obviously got a thing for spikes and cruicifixs...(hmmm...)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

One dress to impress both worlds...

Style Stalk: Christine Centenera

If i were to become a Fashion Editor of a magazine I'd imagine myself as a half breed between Anna Dello Ruzzo and Emanuella Alt....Also known as Christine Centenera editore of Harper's Bazaar Australia. A brunette with hair that could possibly make the likes of Rachel Bilson jealous, this fashion maven has managed to draw more attention to her self than her actual magazine. The Lady knows cloths and most importantly Fashion! Unlike most others in her position, she knows how to dress, without being chackled, by her Hermes cuffs, to the trends that keep this Industry alive. No she one lady that holds the key and equally creates if not dissmiss most trends that surrounds us.
She's not quit minimalist but she works with a plain, yet not mistakinglly easy colour pallet. Her Navy blues, Black, grey and white are well supported by perfectly trained set of heels which frankly gies me wet reams just thinking about her closet.....

Shoegasm by BALENCIAGA

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Venus as a Boy...

Click large image for Click large image for simply large image for song