Friday, 13 May 2011

what the HAIR did you DO!!!!

TOPMAN jumper, TOPSHOP skirt and Backpack, Dr Martens, Hair, and a song by the Smashing Pumpkins(click)........happy friday the 13th


Céline K.G said...

Oh i love your hair, what did you do? ( lol) Love the outfit too ;)

xoxo, Céline

Nik said...

I hate that question.. Ahahaha very cute hair :)

Céline K.G said...

Yeal lot things change on my blog lol. Yeach those creepers are always on my feet, so comfortable. Oh that's a good idea. I'm so pissed off about my focking short HAIR.

Sofia Sars said...

ja den är grym :D
älskar verkligen nya skivan, speciellt satellite.
snygg du är i håret btw ;)

G. said...

You look just gorgeous!!!!
I love the stripe-spot-combination!!

xx, G.

Gina Ray said...

love the outfit and hair