Friday, 6 May 2011

no more staged shots, fake backdrops, and lame model poses

Wearing: TOPSHOP Boutique dress, secondhand over over sized shirt(my new favourite thing) ZARA Leather Jacket Creeper by Underground and Sunglasses(more like crazy bug eyes) from Urban outfitters (oh there really big and fall of your face so not really the most practical pair)
real, unedited, me(on a good day).
seriously since when did outfit post get so pose. Just thinking about it has become a huge laughing matter.
I hate getting my picture, cuz im not photogenic and the thought o someone actually focusing on me for that long makes me squeamish. Most of my picks are taken by me or a reason cuz whenever someone else does i either cant hold still enough before i look away, not laugh or....lick my lips? thats a nervous habit...that and well not looking AT you.
So this is me being me :)


Céline K.G said...

I wear quite the same thing today, same creep' sheer shirt like that but not that oversized!

xoxo, Céline

Anonymous said...

finally outfit posts of you not on your bed
we can't see your outfit if your sprawled across your bed.

Sofia Sars said...

gorgeous, love the glasses

Sofia Sars said...

tjena :D tänkte inte på att du kan svenska hehe
måste bara säga att du har en så otroligt snygg stil och asbra musiksmak ;)

isis said...

probably your best outfit post ever. in general, the posey crap gets old. this is so fucking adorable and fun!

Nik said...


Pam said...

Love it!!! You are so cool