Sunday, 1 May 2011

he pushes his hair behind his ear, as if he's trying to hear me better

I believe the reason why I havent fallen in love yet is because i keep imagining myself falling in love in the 90's.
you know with the Smashing pumpkins playing Rhinoceros in the background as I exit this crowded bar to get some air, and a guy with really long Eddie Vedder hair, leaning against a wall like he doesn't care
Care that its a beautiful night and out of spit he blows his smoke across a full moon
One that im obnoxiously gazing at remembering that dream I had when I was 14
A dream where I was a Princess Serenity dancing on the moon with Tuxedo Mask
It all felt so real that when I woke up I knew what love was...
I'd stare at the moon disappointedly. Yet another night has led me out to find nothing but Princes that once you'd kiss them, they'd turn into frogs....
or more like toads.....
Id notice him, but not long enough for him to notice me
and he'd notice me and this time I wouldn't be preoccupied fiddling on my iPhone, trying to come up with an excuse I could text my friend as to why I've decided to go home, and not endour yet another night of meaningless chat, bad drinks and people I'd never accept a friend request from on Facebook.
No this time id probably pretending to try to find something in my bag for a while before heading back in
And he'd wait long enough for me to begin to miserably drag my Dr Martens across the concret back in before he'd say
"where are you going, I just got know you"
and Id turn around with a confused face which isnt that different from my pissed off face.
And he'd smile and Id smile, now even more confused, he'd introduce himself as Trent and I as I, and WE would smile together this time.
And he'd ask me if I've seen them before and Id reply no I came to see Pen Cap Chew and he'd argue that the lead can barely play the guitar and sing at the same time.
Id like to see you try....
he pushes his hair behind his ear, as if he's trying to hear me better
You should, my band Mystic spiral is playing here next week
I'd look at him and without saying anything he'd reply
yeah I know where between names now
How about Nirvana
I dont know for me listening to music is that one moment of peace. your immune to everything around you and suddenly being alone doesn't seem like a terrible thing.
So your single?
Thats what you got out of it
my phone would not rudely interrupt this moment.
The moment when he looks you in the eyes like he's trying to read your mind...
and id find myself looking away like I always do when im nervous

.....I dont know how it ends really. I wouldn't really want to spoil it, if it ever actually happened.


Elle said...

Mannn I love your posts. This is too good.

And thumbs up for Eddie Vedder hair <3

Elle x

Gina said...

Shit we are alike!
I love this post. Very personal and authentic.

xx, G.