Saturday, 30 January 2010

So my day started of blah wanted to get a job, cuz i figured mooching of my parents and the constant teasing by my friends on how spoiled I am was enough!
Im hoping to score a job at All Saints and could frankly not work at Topshop because there are far to many girls and Girls + Lady(me for those unaware of what my name is) = Bad news......girls hate me, so im surprised that you guys do!
So the other day i cut my hair and im so inlove with it!! It's so cool it inspired me to create a Manga character for my comic. Here names Lilith and as soon as I get my camera you'll meet her and see more of me soon.
oh and for the dude that asked the heels run as small as 37/4

Friday, 29 January 2010

my cameras broken so i guess outfit post will be put on hold until i get it replaced....sorry guys.
oh and about my mood, i honestly don't post that shit to seem moody or have people react, it honestly have its way of sipping into my consciousness and into everything around like a fog or something.....but no worries it tends to clear up.

Buy Polar'oids'

everything been shit lately and i feel like i just realized this to late....
i would fucking kill to be institutionalized, left alone, given time to focus on me and not what others expect of me.
i feel like everyone who supposedly love me are the once driving me crazy.......which makes me feel extremely lonely

Thursday, 28 January 2010

This would probably be an ideal outfit....i so fucking wished they made those wedges in grey scale. The top could DIY project......however knowing me and my lack of patience it probably wouldnt happen.
I actually dont understand my inability to wait and how I can get real nasty about it.
I guess thats why i love to keep a busy schedule, that way nothing hangs about waiting.
Someone commented about what happened to my edelman's boots. I waited forever and probably sent a dozen emails but they never turned up, so i gave up and lost 10 dollars.

Monday, 25 January 2010

bored stoned

It's official, im addicted to night life! I mean staying in isnt an option for me. Day life is simply a bore, its like when the sun comes up we all hide ourselves put on our suits and are shipped of to reality, which is a not so fun place of public transportation and responsibility.
Why am i so drawn to the darkside?
Well i get to dress up and mess up and think about stuff like consequence the next day.
I love being in a room full of people while never actually talking to them thanks to my anti social behaviour and the fact that the musics to loud.
I love being able to do this
Getting kicked out for having to much fun
Playing mind games with the drunken bastards out there
Pretending to be Billie Jean from New York and giving out fake numbers to people i dont like out numbers to people i do like
Meeting freaks and running into the girls room laughing about all the crazy things we've said
Walking into house parties pretending to know everyone
Falling inlove and breaking up the next day
......but what i love the most is waking up with a thousand missed calls and realizing last night was not a dream
.......................not tonight though, everyonce to busy with reality

Wearing: Cropped hoodie(which has become my day after - invinsable cloack for those insane nights out) - H&M, Satin silver blazer - TOPSHOP, Top - TOPSHOP, Maxi Skirt - ZARA, Spiked Heels - TOPSHOP.
im sorry for those who ever asked a question or requested something in an older post. I've got that email update set up but only a few end up being sent, so pleas i....might...not be ignoring you.
I realized that the previous post might be snorr and i really cant function without a day seriouslly be more insane.
My friends have gotten the habbit of dragging me along to do there shopping for them, which is fun if your not on a TOPSHOP bann, I mean there is no way i could leave with just one item...

Sunday, 24 January 2010

i wish i

took life more seriously, stopped being afraid of whats not there but what actually is, stop doing things id like to believe makes me happy, take life seriously......then again that ends up making me more depressed........
i guess what i have to do is stop making a list of what should make me feel better and well let things play out.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Went and saw a band a friends managing, dont remember the sound they had as much as i remembered the stage performance and the fact that every member looked like they belonged to a different group.
From the top: the emo, typical metal fan, and a Ramon!!
Either way they where good, but id like things to sound a bit heavier, with less screeching vocals
P.S listened to Kid Ego that an anonymous user suggested. I've listened to the band before but never herd that song, which by the was pretty refreshing considering the fact that i never really liked the band.
ive had turn off luck and fallen down the stairs, thinking about was a nice roll. But i hurt my knee, so i guess ill be awhile


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

In Bloom

Wearing: Cardigan - TOPSHOP, Bralet - TOPSHOP, Shorts - TOPSHOP, Tights - TOPSHOP, Bag - TOPSHOP and my oh so valuable Docs!
Thanks Olivia for shutting that anonymous bitch up, I really tried my best not to get into anything with that person.
Not to disappoint, my shoes are very dirty, I mean dont even try licking them there filthy.
But why are they on your bed then, well my mom could answer that Q....she's a very dirty girl and has to be blackmailed into taking a shower......
Im somewhat over the loss of my boots i mean all my other pairs are left and despite being my new fave navy blue once, my first pair are most valuable once and are still intact which im grateful for.

-If your in the same situation as Isabel and still don't know who I am after reading my blog for so long then simply ask and ill answer, my life story is far to long for me to go at it myself
Ps I know its cold outside, but I personally dont feel it......until im struck with the worst fever ever..... but who gives a crap about that anyway

Monday, 18 January 2010

Reading an old a club, or any loud and crowded place to be honest......or in a car the few people you ccare the most about heading...well dosent matter where were heading as long as its not back

pleas pleas pleas

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Wearing: Topshhop Lace blazer, Self shredded T-Shirt, Zara pleather pants,Stella mcCartney Wedges and Topshop Suede Fringe bag
Im so pissed off!!!
Had a house party last night and not did I only meet the most annoying people ever but after generouly lending a pair of socks and a top to a girl that got socked in the rain....and I even let girls that where so drunk off thier faces hang out in my room and be sick in my toilet!!!!!!
I knew nobody at this fucking party!!! ended up having to talk to everyone an socilise with complete narks!!!
I hate people but I love parties......and what I hate the most is getting my fucking DR MARTENS stolen at the end of them as well!!!!!
sorry about the changing room pic.....