Saturday, 30 January 2010

So my day started of blah wanted to get a job, cuz i figured mooching of my parents and the constant teasing by my friends on how spoiled I am was enough!
Im hoping to score a job at All Saints and could frankly not work at Topshop because there are far to many girls and Girls + Lady(me for those unaware of what my name is) = Bad news......girls hate me, so im surprised that you guys do!
So the other day i cut my hair and im so inlove with it!! It's so cool it inspired me to create a Manga character for my comic. Here names Lilith and as soon as I get my camera you'll meet her and see more of me soon.
oh and for the dude that asked the heels run as small as 37/4


johnny/nadda said...

hey. i've got a new blog with my friend now. outfitish blog. check it out. ps: get your camera soon, i wan't to se your comic character


Laia Chic said...

I love Love your blog and your style!!

Laia Chic said...
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Poisonn Amour said...

oh good luck with the job! i need to find myself one as well.