Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I promise that this will be the last time i wear flannel!!! I've just realized that this thing has never left my body, I even fall asleep in it!
So please ignore it as this post was just ment to show you my New jeans (which i know my parents will hate, ahahah)

There from Topshop and so is everything else im wearing

Oh and another thing i promise never to shop at Topshop again....until the end of this month

About my wedges thanks for the comments they should be online as they recently came in stores, if there not they will, you can find them ar and there called wrap ups.

God i also have to post about something other than my self on this blog, i feel so slef centered....
Only way people have recognised me is my predictable look...ill try to show my face...although that promise is just as likely to be held as me never shopping at Topshop

Monday, 27 April 2009

Such great heights

Yes i have had more than five cans of red bull and am filling super!!!
......No actually i woke up to rain and am pissed as hell but thiers still a sarcasticic smile on my face. I've learnt the art to grasp on every single memory that makes me feel good and ignore the rest....

This way i dont feel like a bitch when i look walk straight past people.

I've just figured out that im not going to waste my life pleasing people when it means going out of my way just to make that happen. Im not going to give you a smile when i genially hate you, that's what I've decided.

Other than that i had a great weekend at the beach with my friends, we where ment to study and actually i believe we did get alot done between are short trip to Topshop.

But the most memorable one was my Trip to office where i Found these AMAZING (and this word might just be an understatement) WEDGES! Very in style of Acnes once...but better to be honest.

Tie-dye vest/dress - Zara (I love it and i love how i was walking up the stairs at some bookshop a girl was walking down the stairs in the exact same one, we just had to complement each others amazing outfit)
Denim Shorts - Topshop
Flannel Shirt - Topshop
Fringe Bag - Unknown
Oh and im still waiting for that perfect moment to share with you my new White jeans that are torn all the way down by Topshop (Ive got snarly and sweet looks, which is just the way i like it)


Friday, 24 April 2009

SWEET, ive got 40 interesting groupies following my blog, im so honored!!!
Anywho, its been sunny and hot as hell, i dont know how im capable of staying in to studying in the afternoons and how i seem to still be studying in the evening when my cute friends get dolled up to go out......i seriously must be A FUCKING LOSER.
But, my rewards for studying so hard is to SHOP! and I'de chose this over going out with my friends anytime ahaha.
One of my purchases is this tie-dye eagle to, WHICH I LOVE. The art work and the earthy feel was just what i was looking for.
Ive made other purchases which ill share with you at a later date when i get a proper pic of them, but until then

You Better love me
XOXO Rich Hippie
p.s Ocular Oasis had me answer some questions a while back, which you can see the answers to at, when i went over my answers i just realized im a weird person...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wow, i must say i was a little wary of publishing that last post in fare that you guys must think im rude, but its just part of my honest nature....

Thank for the wonderful feedback you'll be reading more about my angst in the future....maybe a little something about the "Hippies" at the G20 summat god i taught we had made progress but i guess not, freedom of assembly....Human right my ass more of will tell you what you have the right to do and thats not to speak against us!!!

Alright in hunt for a new Blazer, a white one to be precise but im so annoyed how my petite
frame makes everything look far to big, long or plan lame and overpriced.

Which one would pick?( Baby blue jersey +floral from topshop, the rest Zara)

What i wore
Blazer - Topshop
Top- Topshop
Floral Tights - Topshop
Heels -......Topshop

Highlight of last night was how some guy was like does tight are Dope man straight up gangsta(...ehm yeah that was what i was going for)......

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dont Be A Poser!

Dont be a poser and say you love rock and roll when the only album you own is Brintey Spears Greatest Hits, Live it, feel it, Become it......
P.S My Chemical Romance....not Rock
Keep that raw look, support it with over priced heels......
and yes your not a nirvana fan if you love the song smells like Teen spirit
....alright heading back to my claustrophobic room at Uni

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

So hope you guys had a great Easter, I'll end it at that since i really dont care....I just realised that my clost is slowly morphing into one that could only belong in the early 90's at a very disturbing level. I really dont want to be one of those people that can be clearly pined to a decade. Theres simply to much flannel and acid wash in there!!!!So I've decided that i might have to go shopping for a new look? Im kinda scared though Im really comfortable with my look, I've just been changing look since i was a kid, i mean I've been through the im a princess and i'll only wear a dress to school faze, to a hard core tomboy, to a faze where i only would wear a top with a number on, to emo, punk, street dancer, trendy wannabe Nicole Richie, to Androgynous to well....Grunge and have stayed here for quite some time. actually when i was 4 my look used to be similar to now....

Anywho, i need to shop a new look. It wont be a completely new look cuz i think the grunge look is pretty much who i am and ive found a comfort in it, but is it who im ment to be. Could you guys picture me wearing anything else?


Vintage White Blazer, Topshop top, Topshop Wetlook Skirt, Toshop Heels.

Shopping list: White leather jacket(H&M) white pants which ill ripp up and studd, white skirt(Topshop) and a new white blazer(Zara)

No, i dont love you as much as you do

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Infamous - H&M
Top - Rag freaks
Blazer - Topshop
Shorts - Topshop
Ankle Boots - Topshop

..........................I just love you so much , it just turns to hate

Friday, 3 April 2009

Dont Ask Me To Love YOU, For I Am To Selfish Too Give YOU That..

Everythings' from Topshop....Big Shocker there(sorry bad mood, or no, just lying, to lazy to write shit....I Love YOU guys though!)