Thursday, 29 April 2010

fuck it!!! I need it, after finding out that the "25th" number one love of my life Paylo has got the ysl ring. Seriouslly the dudes so hot i want to become a boy just to be with him!
need to call my mom...

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Heroin Chic

........literally, the girl on drugs...still seem to pull a lock off

So after allot of phone calls i tracked you down, did i get you? i got bored.....
should i or shouldnt i get the ysl ring?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

sorry about the layout

What's better than the streetstyle showcased during fashion week, why festival month of course.

I love how each look seem to represent the journey of each individual and how they happen to still be standing here with us today.

Musics always come before fashion for as long as i can remember. Most of my looks are heavily influence by the music I listen to and so are the looks of the people that influence me, so again I love mapping out the journey of an individuals look.
And I may arguably not be part of the
MTV generation but MTV was defiantly my equivalent of vogue back inthe day. Whatever they wore I'd try to recreate and I remember the day
I turned six and my mom know longer had to layout my outfits on my bed
anymore and I could wear hatever I wanted. I remember one look being a purple pollarneck matched with the exact colour of purple leggings...yeah, again, I was six and back then my
favourite teacher's name was violet.

So I won't be going for a full blown festival weekend so I won't have to worry about packing loads of clothes with me. Personally I'm still to immature and paranoid to do the tent thing. As
much as I'd love to I'd be to freaked out that someone stellng my stuff and be to worried about over packing. I would have gone to download since I was dying to hear Deftones
live if it weren't for me having exams that week...

So this festival season I hope to see more characters than dudes you could easily read who there their to see. I'll personally be referencing Hendrix eccentrics looks, hippies of course for the simplicity in actual clothing but gift of accessorising, the native Indian or more specifically Pocahontas, for that free spirited feather look and turquoise
jewelry that's a hit this summer.

The exHentrixs
Inspired by the stage presence if Jimi himself, pairing a tailcoat
with a ditsy summer dress is a statement that will last longer than a
Tailcoat - Mathew Williamson or Emilio pucci?, Dress -
Printed wedges - Givenchy
Backpack - £40 TOPSHOP, Ring - £7 TOPSHOP, Floral tights - £12 TOPSHOP

The free bird
An outfit your sure to dance all night in, you can do know wrong with
this one.
Feather coat - ?TOPSHOP
Top - £18 TOPSHOP
Pants - Bess
Bag - Alexander Wang
Wedges - Givenchy

The Green peace
Feel free in this season must have colour khaki green. Match the early
colour with jewelry you find sentimental and feel the love
Dress - £40 TOPSHOP Boutique
Headband - givenchy
Top - Alexander Wang
Skirt - Proenza Schouler
Shoes Bess
Wedges - ?

Low temperature, high personality, you don't have to look like a
rainbow puked on you to grab the right attention during fashion week.
Coat - All Saints
Dress - Anna Sui
Bowler hat - available in zara
Ring - Roberto cavalli
Bag - £35 TOPSHOP
Gladiator sandals

The laundry bag
throw togther all your favourit pieces, even if they
don't match it's all about getting together everything and everyone
you love
Coat - £65 TOPSHOP
Dress - Proenza Schoular
Boots - Chloe
Bag - £55 TOPSHOP
Ring - £115 ysl artsy ring

The solo
for the metal fans
Cardigan - ?
Sunglasses - £12 TOPSHOP
Bag - Alexander Wang
Boots - Chloe
Headband - Givenchy
Bralet - you can find a similar one at H&m
Pants - Balmain

Voodoo child
Like a rag doll this outfit is pinned together with various bits and
pieces from musical genres and fashionable decades to create a truly
unique festival baby. I'll probably obt for this look this season as
it will be my first time, and I'd love to make a good first impression.
Cardigan - ?
Top - £18 TOPSHOP
Bag - Alexander Wang
Shorts - Kate Moss TOPSHOP
Ring - ysl
Headband - Givenchy
Shoes - Chloe

Friday, 23 April 2010

no dont get exited, its not the festival post.....

As you know, I'm quite keen of comic books, especially the ones about superheroes. I find the whole mythology surrounding superheroes fascinating. Take my favorite superhero; Superman, not a great comic book, not particularly well-drawn, but the mythology; the mythology is not only great, it's unique.
Now, the staple of the superhero mythology is; there is the superhero and there is the alter ego. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spiderman is actually Peter Parker; when that character wakes up in the morning, he's Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spiderman and it is in that characteristic, Superman stands alone. Superman didn't become Superman, Superman was born Superman. When superman wakes up in the morning, he's Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent, his outfit with the big red “S”. That's the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears; the glasses, the business suit, that's the costume; that’s the costume that Superman wears to blend in with us. Clark Kent is how Superman views us, and what are the characteristics of Clark Kent; he’s weak, he’s unsure of himself, he’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race
Bill from Kill Bill Volume 2

Ps. ill get around to the festival post

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I believe that festival season is upon us and the first look out in the bloggersphere is Kate Bosworth at Coachella clad in this TOPSHOP knitted-dress retailing a £55.
Something tells me that dress will be sold out in knowtime.....

Thursday, 15 April 2010

I want your hair

So I've spent all morning emailing, googling and leaving messages on peoples phones just to track down A turquoise YSL oval Artsy Ring for my birthday. I didn't realise how cheap they where so I figured, fuck festival tickets, I'll just go see Pearl Jam and get this ring for my Birthday...So you guys if you do spot any for sale do leave a comment or email me. I know that SaksFithAvenue has them on pre-order but im not prepared to pay £40 in postage so any other suggestions will be deeply appreciated dudes!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Young, Stupid and Free

I've piratically been living in TOPSHOP's Botique Basics because their seriously the softess most comfiest basics I own. I will admit that their pretty share so if your wearing one of their dresses beware of the light or you'll be pulling a Vanessa(from Gossip Girl) at the winter ball, where you literally could see her complete naked body hiding behind what looks like a silver screen
I was out once caught a glimpse of myself and realised what my dad was yelling at me for..........
But im inlove with this dress, the colour (khaki is the black girls nude for this season and its a definite must have for anyone who loves simplicity) is to die for!!! So if you do wear it maybe wear a body or a pair of cycling shorts or actually...fuck it...wear it the way you like!
Just be Young, Stupid and Free
I've tried to be careful with it but I've managed to drop my tuna sandwich on the dress already hahaha!
Maxi dress - TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE Basics, Leather Jacket - Zara and studded heels TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE Shoes.
Photo credit: Stupid Little Sister