Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Yesterday i wore something similar but with a black tank t shirt+black blazer, todays i figured ide try something lighter

Bowler hat - H&M
Blazer - Topshop
T shirt - H&M
Leggings - American Appereal
Heels - Aldo
Wristband - River Island
Okay now i really got to go studying!!!!!
Youe Better Love Me
XOXO Rich Hippie
ps. Next friday Is London fashion weekend and ive finally found my outfit!!!
Okay so haven't made a post relating to any current trend for ages, but I've decided to make one now!

Sci-fi Grunge is very much like NEOGRUNGE but it's not really focused on the element of colour but more on the attitude derived from a colour pallet you wouldn't normally relate to such a character. SCI-FI being pretty much a non predictable topic fits perfectly to the this look as it grunge, but with less grease, black and knitwear.It's the love of the music and attitude towards "stuff" mixed up in a unicorn fantasy. Think Kurt Cobain meats.....Sailor Moon? (god that sounded awful, but man im a big anime fan and my first doll was a sailor moon one,how cool was that!)
And pleas dont abandon the music and start listening to that weird rock remixes.....

Keep your staples, just go out and purchase anything that reminds you of Alexander Wang's Spring Summer Collection (THINK NEON!)

Tried on an interesting tank top today...must say i loved the colour but it was a little to intimidating to look at after a while. I would however have bought it if they had it in the style of a bandage skirt.

-"Take It or Leave It"

Monday, 23 February 2009


I mean come one!!! I know longer feel unique, first my Hippie grunge look get multiplied to an obnoxious Rachel Zoe Bug eyed glasses trend. But my brilliant idea for summer is has already taken by the brilliant minds at Topshop. Their 09 A/W is amazing and the HEELS! OMFG.
Daily OutFit post is going to be skipped today, mostly because Kristina here can illustrate what im wearing much better than me, so ill save mine for a later post.
Alright see you guys later, as i must return to my cozy bed and indulge in Kurt Cobain Journals

ill make a proper trend post on this later!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Had an interesting day, rolled out of bed already dressed? Got on the buss, met up with my friend and went to an amazing Vintage fair (dont get why your not allowed to take pics) called Frock Me. I wanted everything but stuck to an amazing pair of John Lennon greased Sunnies By Ralph Lauren, they wear ages old but looked brand new! I LoVE them sooo much and couldn't believe i found a pair so amazing, when you just study the amazing details on the side of the shades and everything. Anyway My friend also found an amazing Tweed Georgia Armani BLAZER and the most ridiculous bargain price jealous. Hade a milkshake after a sweet girl wanted to take a photo of me, being so hungover ill be surprised if the Photo turned out great. Got home, talked to my dad and found out Hippie May and Madam Noir Licrish, just had babies.....Together. Now the fact that there both ment to be girls, kinda got me confused. But apparently a boy. (oh and if you guys dont know what im talking about its my rabbits) anywho, Gonna get back to my sleeping.

Blazer - Topshop
Top - Topshop
Beanie - H&M
Shorts- Topshop
and moccas (sorry i call my shoes that) oh and bag stolen off my sister (your not getting it back Bitch) Gina Tricot
Sayonara! - aww for fuck sake sorry for the squished face
Oh and before check out Hippie Hippie Milkshakes blog, If you like me, YOU'LL LOVE HER, ive never come across a girl that is....ME. The Grunge and the hippie attitude, the obssesion with studds and Kurt Cobain.....all i have to say is OH MY GOD

I Want You

On me this fashion week, GoT TO BUY A NEW OUTFIT

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yeah yeah whatever i broke a blogger rule!!! I've never been known for following the law of anything anyway so...there you have it. Actually i find it very odd how I'm finding myself currently studying to get a degree in the legal profession......?
Sorry about not actually posting interesting stuff lately, you may have already read that I'm ill...Again!
I'm so glad that everyone loves my skirt, however i don't really feel the same....
You see, one night i went out with my friends to this club. We where having fun dancing and all when i looked up on stage and looki there....a girl wearing the exact same skirt as me. I consulted myself by saying
-"I look way better in my this skirt than she does"
On my way to the ladies room.....another girl with the same skirt as me.
Same night different club....THIRD GIRL!! SAME SKIRT.
By the end of that night i wanted to rip it apart....

Hobo Rag: ZARA
Top: New Look
Blue Beanie: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Pantent Heels: Topshop

Bag; Topshop

....and need to go shopping, tried an amazing pair of tie-dye Leggings from American Apparel. They made me feel twice my size despite me wearing an XS, must be the print, so they didn't follow me home, but something tells me the might just do that the next time I'm there. You just cant go to AA and not buy something the staff are so friendly.

Oh and before i leave, im so tired of my hair at the moment im considering cutting it, not necassarly cutting the whole thing off Edie (i just wished my face wasent this round....) But more like something Nicole has, she's got obvious longer hair than i do and im not a big fan of wearing someone elses or something elses hair on my head im considering cutting a really long a style that it would be easly parted and swepped to the side, HIPPIE STYLE, i love Nicoles bangs, i mean ive been sporting the one side sweep since i was 16! and just rescently changed.

I'll post something relating to my hair and guys will have to help me decide whether her look would still work on me, considering my hair is relativly shorter

I Might be Stalking you.....

Friday, 13 February 2009

An obvious fact.....I love Topshop. This outfit however is like a day old...I've been a little out of loop and havent had time to actually think straight anymore, which ofcours leads to horribly embarrassing things to happen. Anywho Friday The 13th today and i must say im more exited about this night then...well Valentines day.
My plans...well apparently getting drunk with a bunch of friends... i figured that would be better than eating myself to a size 8 with ice cream.
But something tells me i might just sit in my bed all day listening to my Bloody Valentine (hence the amazing band name) i love how their sound somehow pulls me to a dark, yet romantic place in Paris, and i mean the real magic about this is how can i be drawn to a place I've never been. Than again we love what we cant have right?
Okay getting a little to My so called life for this blog so.....gonna stop.

Wearing, well everything but the grey waterfal vest is Topshop, the vest is from Zara

Have a lucky Friday the 13th and rember
Youe better love me
XOXO Rich Hippie