Friday, 6 February 2009


Other than my issues with the header its my ability to stick to one project at a time!!
A couple of weeks ago i had this brilliant idea to stud this leather mini skirt (a little to mini kept on pulling it down after every step) with silver spikes all the way, over the entire thing, to give it a little cactus effect. Ive so far gotten 5 in but got both tired and bored with the idea so its well....waiting in the closet. But now i have a new brilliant idea gotten some nice Golden Pyramid studs which I'm going to go insane with on a black jumper this weekend. As anyone that's been on my blog know, i love STUDS!! i go insane for them, seeing one send an orgasmic serge through my body!!!...okay to much info.
So ive decided to go Givenchy on this jumper to join my studded belt and T-shirt from Zara.
Wish me luck and hopefully, i'll see this idea through!


Nike said...

looks really good, and love your new header.

paulistanangelina said...

I love the idea. But I read somewhere that studding knits is a little difficult because it's not a very stable surface. Maybe you should like sew a piece of woven fabric inside the sweater so they can be more grounded. I'm dying to see the final product.

I love your blog, by the way.

Iole said...

Love your blog. IT's great.
I'll link it to my blogroll.
Check out mine Iole

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have been looking for studs like these everywhere, whereabouts did you purchase them? thanks