Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Reeks of teen spirit...

Now we all no that Hedi slimane is like the one designer everyone wants to be twitter friends with right now. Ive never been a (Yves) Saint Laurant fan, but I've loved loved loved the menswear line...and okay the shoes but thats but the point. Id never wear any of the clothes. When i saw is Fall/13 collection for mens I knew i wanted it ALL (even though this grunge thing is getting a bit to fucking much you guys ugh...). And then ofcours as soon as the girls came out I freaked out and pissed my self a little. It almost felt like a boyfriend girlfriend collection (heart breaking over here at TEAM SOLO). You know in the way that it looked liked both there closet consisted of whatever laid on there bedroom floor and all they'd do is rummage over piles and piles of thrifstore buys that looked more like dirty laundry just to throw on something clean. Maybe its because I'm depressed, maybe its what he tried to achieve, but there is something truly poetic about this collection. Kurt and Courtney much?

Okay here is what i think of Hedi Slimane and his latest collection. Yes its insane, he is meant to be working at a fashion house not Urban Outfitters (no offence to you guys i used to work for yeah) But he needs to think about his cliental you know, the old an wrinkly that wants something high collared and low hemmed to cover up there sorry-surgery-can't-fix-these-areas... But, and this is just from my ever so insane memory when it comes to fashion, I believe the dude is trying to pull a JACOBS. You remember back when Marc Jacobs was designing for Perry Ellis and he had that one Spring Summer 93 collection that was so totally grunge and way overpriced which then led to Kurt blowing his brains out? Yeah that collection. That collection got Marc FIRED....pretty sure Slimane knows his hot stuff, and whats not more rock and roll then flipping the fashion industry of before you go off and do your own thing? I might not be one to wear Oscar de la rent, but goddammit if i found out they where doing this id be pissed to. I love your stuff dude, and i hope that everyone else hates it enough that when all that overpriced shit hits the stores it gets discounted so that I can afford a piece of some truly grunge worthy rebellious shit.

march, or whatever...

i still think these boots are ugly

Friday, 1 March 2013

I promised id be cruel, that it wouldn't’t matter, Balenciaga was the first. From his phenomenal references towards the future, his outer worldly ability to manipulate fabric and the shapes that forms a lady. I could go on forever, but what we really wants to know is….did Alexander Wang, a man that built an empire based on the look that can only be described as a chic reference to the effortless 90s, how on earth those he take on a Titan that’s is century old fashion house BALENCIAGA? Well according to what went down in Paris, he did what Balenciaga did so well...but didn't take it any further. It seems this young designer was way to concerned with fitting and simply kept the signature shoulder silhouette, the neat little boy-big girl styling, …didn't’t go to crazy with the shoes? And stayed away from bold prints and colours. So like I said…he did Balenciaga, but held back. The collection at the end of the day WAS NOT BAD, in matters of fact it was brilliant. Fashion week in general has been a snooze fest and with exception to certain designers who have yet to show, Id honestly have to say this one is my favourite out of all of them…so far(come on Givenchy don’t fail me like the others have). I prefer it over Wang’s own collection and that’s harsh because I am a HUGE fang. But do I love it as a “Balenciaga” collection?