Thursday, 30 June 2011


I've always wanted to dress like her, shes such an inspiration and cool individual. She's got this cool Ghost World meets Rocka billy meets her which is pure and unconditional amazingness.
Anyways going to stop drulling over my friend...
Thanks for bearing my complete and utter-self-loathing-I-want-to-kill-myself-Im-so-fat-my-life is-ruined-
ness.Im not saying its all fine now, im just saying theres not point in giving myself migraines anxiety attacks and sleep deprivation for...crap was going to say nothing but this is my life.
It will all work out-you do this all the time-you however have never missed out on that big achievement EVER- so stop bitching.
Ill have to remind myself of this and hush now.
I do want to thank does that tried to cheer me up, but unfortunately everyone cannot be winners....this of course dosnt mean I wont :)
Wearing: Topshop slevless dress, Topshop Backpack, Zara leather jacket, Urban Outfitters frames(dressing like a geek although I never made the grades) and suede creepers

Friday, 17 June 2011

....i want to smile like I mean, laugh and believe it, love and not dream it, die and not feel it
,Billie Jean

Dress Up: Hippy Hippy Milkshake

the name sounds like what you called the dazed moves Jim Morrison makes on stage...or when the manic part of me kicks in and im to happy for my own good.
Either way this is a blogger that blew me away after I joined the occult of bloggernistas.
I vaguely remember years ago when I made a mention to her already.
She was pretty much me, but BETTER. I was so amazed that id found another person that equally loved and valued...THE VALUES, that both hippies and 90s alternative folk shared (which in a nutshell was fuck authority and hygiene) and found the same harmony in here closet.
something so happy and carefree verses something suppressed an constantly remained in melancholy "we" ,and i use this term loosely, created a mono-chromed hippie, one that believed in doubting the intentions of any authority in society, be it your parents, teachers, your therapist, the MAN or any Jim Jones driven cult....
Anyways Celine is Norwegians bleach black and a young lady who lives breaths and loves everything I love and would love to do....but am to scared to inhale, so pass the opportunity to someone i like to refer to as "a better desert" because someone else out there is always better deserving of an opportunity than me

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

come in alone...

Wearinng: Vintage Top(its all fluffy makes me feel like an extra in clueless), TOPSHOP Shorts, Chloe Docs(hey mom my birthdays coming up you wouldnt mind getting me a pair of tall black once wouldya?) TOPSHOP Backpack and Urban Outfitters sunglasses
I've finally broken free from this concret mind hell they call Higher Education....
yet I'm overwhelmed with other projects and that insanelly hard task of finding an answer to the question, What next?
Well ive decided to take a masters in Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University, so granted I get in theres that part sorted. Having quite found an apartment yet but I figured id put that off until I actually get in.
I need to find a job for the summer to make some money if I intend on having furniture....(and an ever expanding shoe collection)
Bit annoyed that I cant dye my hair pink for the summer because I have an internship at a law firm starting next month.
....I promised myself a festival this summer, but despite only being 20years young I feel like if i dont get a grip of where I want to go in life im seriously going to be a miserable person who's made there work there life. I frankly dont feel comfortable taking time of for anything or anyone.
Making plans for the future has only led me to say no to you, and it just says that id rather be sad than happy with you.........why am I okay with that?
I dont know I read all these bloggs and they all seem to be happy and comfortable with their lives....I dont know if its real or just part of there virtual life.
Im just not comfortable taking time of and so I apologies for not being around so much, but I do hope you guys understand the importance of leading a life of your own and that things are never what they seem.
Once you accept that the tough times wont seem so tough because there will no longer that something out there to make you feel less of a person.
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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Factory by Erik Hart

its Helmut Lang meets T by Alexander Wang, all set in a Post apocalyptic, where simplicity is key.
Regardless of the fabric, the smoothest exudes add while the most synthetic appearances draws a a natural grace.
A collection worth fitting for, its sure to be one still in fashion at the end of the world....
(will be available at shopbop and Oacknyc)