Sunday, 28 February 2010

sea how perfect she is

Staying on the topic of best outfits, this hands down would be my uniform for life. Like i would never wear anything ever again.
composed of my favourite essential the leather pant, the wedged heel and a rick owens style coat. All in my favourite shade(s) of grey, black and navy blue....this is perfection.

P.S its sea of shoe's mom.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Now i felt i had to explain the giant girl on the side of my blog.
It's Vanessa Traina and im not going to get into her biography because i could honestly careless....
why she's there is because of that look. The perfect mix of edge and grace and is the kind of aesthetic thats often imitated, but never as successful. Im more into strapless when it comes to dress or maxi and corseted(this is of course in the rare occasions that i wear one) but when i noticed the hemline on this dress i pretty much died inside. Not only is it my favourite type of Rick Owens/waterfall styled hem but its lined with a freaking zipper!!

id love it if you guys shared your fashion defining moments to!


..............we'll make millions writting books on the way it should have been

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I live in a town where the skies are monopolised by segals

Do you want that skirt yet?


A look you'll pull out every time you don't know what to wear. Never boring, never to safe. A look that you'll love every time you decide to wear it with a different pair of shoes or bag.....its defiantly a look to rely on

Monday, 22 February 2010


needs a vaca.....but where to?
You see i hate travelling because of the possibility of getting my luggage stolen with my clothes hahaha.
My dads off to a warmer place next week and oh how i wish i could drop everything and follow him....

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Busy is definatly the word that sums up my week and my days have been far from boring. I've so much workload juggled around my sanity im just hoping to make it through febuary....
After having a huge bomb land on me this week and a falling out with a friend crawling back into my fortress of solitude seems like a good idea because im sick of drama drama drama...
Okay im making a late review on New York fashion week so here are my favourits

Jeremy Laing it for its colours and stupid way of getting dressed.

Ohne Titel
What caught my eye was how sporty the asthetic felt, like the fabric where collected frrom a local high school gymnasium. Not did i eastablish that olive green look gorguse on dark skin but i had to die knowing that i dont yet own a pair of green pleather pants.

Helmunt Lang
.....always a fave. Favourite piece is the sheep fur lined jacket.

3.1 phillip Lim
when i looked at this collection two words popped up, smoke machine and silver screen..dont know why but thats all i got?

Anna Sui
you know the saying she looks like her house was on fire and she just decided to grab all her clothes......well this just shows to say you can wear all of your favourite things and still look good. I just love it,

the colours and how you have to pay close attention to the detail in the prints.

now may have gotten this seasons collection mixed up with this one....SPRING = FELAWERZ! FALL = RED BURNT LOOKING STUFF like autum leafs. But i love it. Looking at there cloths you have to focus on the detail because there all like stories and by looking at the entire look would be like judging a book by it cover, you have to look real closely and read each pag or youll miss the point.

Jen Kao
With my graphic novel in the works I've been real eager for a comeback with the whole cyberpunk fashion from the late 90's. this time around though less pink leather coat with feather trimming and blown up plastic bubble bacpacks, but mor tight black leather, body concious alian dresses with insane avant garde shapes and textures. in other words Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Alexander McQueen.

Max Azria
was simply the best of new york......