Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dress up: Fashion Flash


Karoline Anderson isnt just another swedish blond with that exact same name. No she's cool in that laid back Johnny Depp way and has an arsenal of clever writting matched with cool un-digitalised(I use a tripad or a boyfriend photos) She's real in the way that she could never have her own reality show, because she's simply normal. I dont know her personally but I've been reading her blog long before she made it on Rodeo and when her daily post would always leave a mention to her Boyfriend she refers to as "DUDE"(who is HAAWWT BTW, yes i can be sad and pervy to). She started off working at a grocery store(Konsume if i remeber correctly) but is now the Cheif Director of Radar and a free lance stylist, having done work for Sofias Mode.
Today...well today I have the honor to Dress you up "Virtually"
Check here out at...well just click here

What she would buy

Nirvana T shirt, TOPSHOP Backpack, Chloe Docs, Open Ceremony Jumper, TOPSHOP short and some coat.
What she should wear

Alexander Wang, Watanabe, Marni, and I need these boots from Chloe Sevingy for Opening Ceremony.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Zara coat, TOPSHOP Botique tank, TOPSHOP shorts and Backpack, Office wedges

Saturday, 26 March 2011

its not what you wear its how you wear it

aaaarrrgggh, lately all I've been seeing allot of crayon hot colours in stores. Glorious orange's, fushia pink, Yellows so sour I just want to swallow the clothes whole!!!!

1. I dont wear colour (or okay I dont wear colours of the rainbow)
2. my only exception is Green (otherwise its Navy Blue, black grey, white, Biege, Brown and Burgundy)
3. If and whenever I do wear colour.....your like to plead temporary insanity.
4. I've never made a purchase of colour that id loved til this day
5. They never get hung up and are either tossed into the candy box(the box at the top of my wardrobe which shall forever remain sealed) or at my sister

This happense every Spring/Summer and im always left caving or frankly bored...

Blazer - The Row, Leather Pants - Zara, Heels - Brian Atwood and Celine Bag

Mesh Biker - Christoper Kane and Jil Sander Bag

Leather Top - Joseph, Platorms - Dior

Blazer - TOPSHOP, Bag - Alexander Wang and Loboutin Pumps

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Celin(g) my soul for these pants...

Seen here worn by Christine Centenera Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar Australia.
Seriouslly emaculate styling and i can get over how the black ontop still didnt manage to wear down these pants but made the print fight for a shot as stand piece.
The pant by the way are from the ss11 show.
Im also googling her amazing Celine Chocker.
Lindex(a swedish brand) is releasing a Affordable Luxury Line by Ewa Larsson feautring Chockers of this fashion in gold(and silver) out this MAY!!!

image source: StreetFSN, Stockholm streetstyle and

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

T by Alexander Wang

I love Burgundy, if the 90's had to have a colour it would be BURGUNDY. From the Vampish lipstick on those pale faces to the velvet dresses and matching Doc Martens, Burgundy ruled!
I also seriously love how this collection illustrates how chic one can look with only a few basic staples in their closet.
AND how much have I been raving about silk maxi skirts??!!! Enough to be happy to see that its finally caught on! I was hoping to score a white one for summer but have so far been unsuccessful....if all fails ill just wait for the pre fall collection to hit the stores.
When that does happen hopefully I haven't squandered all my money gigs and can get that skirt in every colour, plus that super hot 90's style slip dress in black(which will defiantly go hand in hand with a crucifix necklace and over sized tweed jacket....)
Alright going to stop drulling now.