Sunday, 13 March 2011

Style Stalk: Yasmin Sewell

Originally from Australia Yasmin Sewell is a fashion retail consultant, creative advisor for fashion brands and trend forecaster. Sort of the Ryan Seacrest of the Fashion Industry, this multi-taking individual has invaluable, international insight
that can work within many different approaches to fashion.
Moving between fledgling labels, premium high street and global luxury brands worked as Buying
Director for all of Browns’ boutiques for three years as well as
launching brands such as Rick Owens in to the UK, and was also an early champion of Acne, Christopher Kane and Pierre Hardy.
Sewell now lives in London stationed at her most recent role as Chief Creative Consultant for Liberty.
All I can say is I love a career like hers, I mean I WANT a career like hers.....but im stuck in a Law degree so there you have it.
She's now also part of the bloggerspher so you can follow her daily endeavor right here
over at Vogue UK.

Her style can really be defined as being part of a certain clique. Its nothing like Emmanuelle Alt's all-black all-leather fetish, or the Bondage accessory queen that is the edgy kate lanphear, or the Lady that still likes to play with Crayons Taylor Tomasi.
No, Yasmin is just it, so depend on what style background you come from you will always find an angle in one of her styled outfits which simply leaves you in envy for not thinking it first.

What makes your style idiosyncratic?

I suppose I'm really comfortable in what I wear, which translates as confidence. Others react more positively to me when I'm wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in rather than the killer, “just seen in Vogue” dress.



Mid Lenght Skirt: TOPSHOP
She obviously loves hemlines that are right below the knee and have been found wearing allot of over sized coats and blazers. If you ask me she simply approaches tailored fashions of the late 50's when everything fit like a glove and the figure made the individual, no matter what the dress. Sewell for obvious reasons isn't channelling the retro feel literally(but a bit more fresh and modern) but you can find it in everyone one of her outfits silhouettes
What is your one piece of fashion or beauty advice?
Invest in a great haircut that reflects your personal style.
-wonder what my hair says about me?