Saturday, 5 March 2011

si wuuerd iz...uncriable

I'm going to take a wild shot and say this is the best collection out of ALL the AW 2011 collections that have shown..... and haven't yet been shown.
In my book there will always be the wholly trinity....
Balenciaga, Givenchy and Rick Owens....and sofar Rick Owens has gone ahead and made cloths that makes you want to reinact scenes from some CyberPunk movie. Givenchy hasnt shown yet but its safe to say Balenciaga blew me away with its Leather cable knitted coats in contrast with its amazing graphical just reminds me of a still from an iTunes playlists Visualizer(those cool things that move around in beat with your music that i spend hours being tranced by in the dark)
Check out the show here and if youd like to loose two hours of your life down a rabbit hole, pick up your laptop put, on some Sufjan Stevens on iTunes playlist, hide under your sheets and press ctrl+T.....and have a great night.


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