Wednesday, 23 March 2011

T by Alexander Wang

I love Burgundy, if the 90's had to have a colour it would be BURGUNDY. From the Vampish lipstick on those pale faces to the velvet dresses and matching Doc Martens, Burgundy ruled!
I also seriously love how this collection illustrates how chic one can look with only a few basic staples in their closet.
AND how much have I been raving about silk maxi skirts??!!! Enough to be happy to see that its finally caught on! I was hoping to score a white one for summer but have so far been unsuccessful....if all fails ill just wait for the pre fall collection to hit the stores.
When that does happen hopefully I haven't squandered all my money gigs and can get that skirt in every colour, plus that super hot 90's style slip dress in black(which will defiantly go hand in hand with a crucifix necklace and over sized tweed jacket....)
Alright going to stop drulling now.



Oh, such a proud moment, that he chose to name it all after...Me! ;p


pau said...

maxi skirts are everywhere!! love them

Anonymous said...

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