Saturday, 26 March 2011

its not what you wear its how you wear it

aaaarrrgggh, lately all I've been seeing allot of crayon hot colours in stores. Glorious orange's, fushia pink, Yellows so sour I just want to swallow the clothes whole!!!!

1. I dont wear colour (or okay I dont wear colours of the rainbow)
2. my only exception is Green (otherwise its Navy Blue, black grey, white, Biege, Brown and Burgundy)
3. If and whenever I do wear colour.....your like to plead temporary insanity.
4. I've never made a purchase of colour that id loved til this day
5. They never get hung up and are either tossed into the candy box(the box at the top of my wardrobe which shall forever remain sealed) or at my sister

This happense every Spring/Summer and im always left caving or frankly bored...

Blazer - The Row, Leather Pants - Zara, Heels - Brian Atwood and Celine Bag

Mesh Biker - Christoper Kane and Jil Sander Bag

Leather Top - Joseph, Platorms - Dior

Blazer - TOPSHOP, Bag - Alexander Wang and Loboutin Pumps



It's good eye candy on the page, over saturation in the stores, and a serious challenge in the wardrobe.


Nadia said...

The colors look great! But I would never buy them...too colorful to suit me