Tuesday, 26 August 2008

TearDrops Burns my fire....

This, and now i mean it, will be the last post ill make until i get back since the internet connection is sooo slow its waste of money, so before i leave ill leave with you a song that gets me through the Summer Blaze down here. Picture 25 degrees in the middle of the night....but listening to this, makes the sweat so much cooler. Oh and I was above Exited when i read that one of my Icons where on my Page (click image)

Gala Gonzales this song coincidently, became a thanks from me to you....

Saturday, 23 August 2008

You make me miss the rain

Salute!Dont Worry the plane didn't crash. Thing are great down here super hot and loving it! After living in a Scandinavian country for 16 years, a little tropical sun is a nice pase of change. Have loads of pics to share but im finding it hard here at the Internet cafe so i wont be capable of loading up any pics any time soon. But no worries ill be back on September 17th! Mark that on your calenders!!! Thank you for all the amazing thanks and best wishes you guys, was kinda shocked to find 23 comments here!
I was like -Is this my blog?
I'll respond to all your Questions and visit your blogs and soon as im back, but for now Big Thanks and Hope to be back soon!

This look alone could bring me back however...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

GoodBye Groupies....

Oh god, you guys Bad new....IM GOING ON VACATION!! Alright that was mean but the bad news is, im going to be gone for a whole month which means no daily posts, know more Rocker chic Lolita :(.
Im going to miss you guys and i hope you enjoy what already here and a whole lota older posts.
Bowler hat - H&M
Shirt - American polo something?
Skinny Jeans - Cheap Mondays
Slips - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
My mom is like your wearing that to the airport, im like are you kidding me!!!! 6 HOURS IN SKINNY JEANS, i can barely feel my legs as we speak.Oh im going ta Afrique, if i forgot to mention. Im going to miss all you Bloggernistas, My best friend in Sweden (you know who you are...) and yeah, at the airport im definitely going to fill up on Fashion mags from around the continent to keep me entertained.Sayonara Bitches!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

AARGH this post frustrates me! 1 because well its not really an interesting outfit post and 2 I WANT to see my baby Jared Leto every time i check my blog out! I cannot explain what an enormous crush i have on this guy...maybe even love. hahaha nah my hearts to cold to even comprehend such a foreign feeling. Anyway enough about Jared....OR NO, his eys are to die for! and like his face and like.....his body! ahaha STOPPING NOW!
Okay feel asleep at like what 6:38 am today, i wasn't out all night but a sure was up all night, im still have asleep i hate the fat that i go to bed when the sun comes up, feel like a freaking vampire....
Oh well i guess that explains the all black outfit today
Bowler hat - H&M
Jumper - old from Gina Tricot
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Aldo
Okey dokey, if your lucky i might not delete this post, just so that Jared's ahead....

Yes he is my Boyfriend!!!

A Beautiful Lie
Sorry for my long delay in posting but been tied up all day. results came back and they where fine, wished i did better but my family was happy about them anyway and that what counts! That and me actually getting into the uni of my choice!

So, to celebrate me and my brother went to The OC club, where most people where planning on heading down to celebrate. Dressed up and all ready to go (or okay not dressed up, just stepped out from the sofa then slapped on a hat and the closest Blazer) when i walk into the club i was shocked as to how many LOSERS there where. The Night was a disaster, like bad movie kinda stuff, where the people where unattractive and drunk, poor helpless girls in bras and tiny skirts bumping and grinding against each other to catch some attention from guys that where simply to drunk to respond, a DJ that kept F-ing up his own records and at one point was playing Bohemian Rhapsody?
Hahaha lets just say i had more fun laughing at the drunk losers slipping and sliding on the dance floor and sipping on RedBull which frankly,got me kinda sleepy, how is this supposed to be an energy drink, it always ends up getting me tired...
Hmm yeah and there was this Pub next door called the Firehouse, which i sooo wanted to go to they where playing a whole lota Nirvana and stuff, i really wanted in but my brother HATES that kinda music and frankly the old men where creeping me out as they watched me pass by....
So the night consumed mostly of just walking around the city, checking out other clubs and taking in the air, very relaxing, and ending the night with a KFC Dinner? (at midnight?)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Fadded beauty Queen...

Aww you guys, really really shouldnt have said those words, they were far to sweet and to much for me to handle. But, reall thanks. I havent gone and slit me arms im still here!! Just that OH MY GOD The RESULTS ARE COMING BACK TOMORROW!! For you guys who wonder what da hell im talking about, the final exam results are coming back and this will determin if we are officially enrolling into Higher Education, or enrolling into the dull consumer service biz, serving burger....
I wish all my friends the GoodLuck, think do ill be checking my results AT HOME online, so if they are total dissapointement, i want be crying and pulling my hair out infront of my friends (and i cant take the dreaded line ide probably faint or oee myself)
Leather jacket - Zara
New plaid shirt which i stole off my brother (and no your not getting it back)
Skinny Jeans - Cheap Monday
Boots - Aldo
I love Cheap Monday they always make a perfect fit, for my to tiny waist to my a little bit bigger hips.
ps, sorry about the pics but took them late and without the sun they come out a little wierd

My Letter to those with a heart colder than mine.....

You know, the day you start getting, nasty comments that totally contradicts what you truly may be, and this being the view of a majority audience
You really realize then that you might be making it, you know, becoming that girl you've sat in the corner envying for ages.
Like i remeber once, not a long time ago i was in the city shopping and i saw this beautiful tall and slender girl, with legs to DIE for! I was just staring at her, that when she stopped and looked at me i was embarrassed. She walked up to me and i was thinking
-"Oh god she's gonna give it to me!"
She opened her mouth and said "excuse me but do you have spare change? It's just 70p i need for some milk"
I was stunned as i realized the girl was homeless! I mean she didnt look like that and she clearly pointed it out to me as she saw how stunned i were. I couldn't believe it, some girl i would kill to be was at a point of her life that i could never imagine being in.
Anyway to sum thing up before i start babbling to much, i bought her anything, even offered to buy her everything she wanted cuz i felt so bad for her, and it serioussly broke my heart how she was admiring me and kept on saying
-" you're such a beautiful girl, your an angel thank you"
I was seriously about to cry after she left, as to how stupid i felt.
Anyway, once you get negative comments you know people love you, love you so much that they hope the worst in you, just to feel better about themselves
So little miss Anonymous(who wrote):
sorry girl but sometimes some dresses are made for thin people and just think about it?? lose orr chose something that can cover that big legs...sorry for my English..i am french
Keep japing, i on the other hand am okay with negative feedback, but im not okay would people not being able to man up to their own words, ide like to see who's the one being the judge, so if your not Kar Lagerfeld himself, or even Zac Posen's Fucking assistante, my advice to you is to open up a blog of your own and let us be the judge of you, can you take the heat of thousands of people watching you right now?

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Icon of the Month (cant be bodrer remembering my influences from every single week, since everything inspires me its hard to nail just one down) the Lady from the Swedish site Mode.feber.com, i love her Dark beauty and how, even with that evil look in her eyes, can bright up any room she walks into, putting all yes on her. She truly has an amazing job, being a stylist but its her look that made her this Months Style Icon
Truly a master of the cut off denim shorts
You can just tell that she loves her Balenciga and her Miu Miu bag when it comes to accessorising, but as you've notice she keeps things simple

With her its all about the basics, and those simple details to make her look really stand out. Fave Look, from the nasty leopard legging to the neatly yet for a messy feel, tied up black t shirt (seriously how do you guys do it, someones got to show me!)

T by Alexander Wang

Looks like those less fortunate are getting a chance to own a couple of Alexander Wang pieces by Spring 09. The designer going to be launching both a shoe collection (which i can assure you that i will be purchasing!) and a basic line.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Your in luck, got the outfit post up anyway.

Bowler Hat: H&M
Leather Jacket: Zara
New Dress: Topshop
Boots: Aldo
I was out shopping today, didnt find much (not did even have much money left...got to start saving) but i never got a chance to step into Zara, hopefully next Saturday before i leave for my vaca, need to buy a jumpsuit at H&M as well.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Found all three of these on two different Swedish fashion bloggs, thier from Zara and I've totally fallen inlove with them, havent been to my Local Zara yet but i hope to find them, the problem is im already supposed to pick up my boots at Topshop? Hard to decide, but i think these Givenchy'esque once are the one to Buy.