Wednesday, 13 August 2008

My Letter to those with a heart colder than mine.....

You know, the day you start getting, nasty comments that totally contradicts what you truly may be, and this being the view of a majority audience
You really realize then that you might be making it, you know, becoming that girl you've sat in the corner envying for ages.
Like i remeber once, not a long time ago i was in the city shopping and i saw this beautiful tall and slender girl, with legs to DIE for! I was just staring at her, that when she stopped and looked at me i was embarrassed. She walked up to me and i was thinking
-"Oh god she's gonna give it to me!"
She opened her mouth and said "excuse me but do you have spare change? It's just 70p i need for some milk"
I was stunned as i realized the girl was homeless! I mean she didnt look like that and she clearly pointed it out to me as she saw how stunned i were. I couldn't believe it, some girl i would kill to be was at a point of her life that i could never imagine being in.
Anyway to sum thing up before i start babbling to much, i bought her anything, even offered to buy her everything she wanted cuz i felt so bad for her, and it serioussly broke my heart how she was admiring me and kept on saying
-" you're such a beautiful girl, your an angel thank you"
I was seriously about to cry after she left, as to how stupid i felt.
Anyway, once you get negative comments you know people love you, love you so much that they hope the worst in you, just to feel better about themselves
So little miss Anonymous(who wrote):
sorry girl but sometimes some dresses are made for thin people and just think about it?? lose orr chose something that can cover that big legs...sorry for my English..i am french
Keep japing, i on the other hand am okay with negative feedback, but im not okay would people not being able to man up to their own words, ide like to see who's the one being the judge, so if your not Kar Lagerfeld himself, or even Zac Posen's Fucking assistante, my advice to you is to open up a blog of your own and let us be the judge of you, can you take the heat of thousands of people watching you right now?


i think thats hauttte said...

i enjoyed reading your post very much, as I was reading the first part I didn't expect that the girl you were admiring to be homeless! i admire you for helping her


thank you very much vivian

because i love that kind of photo as well
if you watch my other photos from the fashion week in Paris (click the fashion week section), you'll remark that i like that angle way

i am glad that my 20 firts photos of my last post please you

the following will please you again and again

cheers from Paris


ps : you'll be very sweet if you could just ad "Paris" to my link.

brie said...

wait, someone said you had thick legs? i just came across your blog today, but by looking at your pictures i've concluded 1) you have some pretty great style and 2) you look fine in what you're wearing. i think it's awful if people think you need to be a stick to wear anything cute.

by the way, i really like some of your grunge influences! that's something i incorporate into my wardrobe a bit too

aziza said...

You know what they say: some people are gonna be haters.

Sunniva said...

Some people are just jealous and then the worst comes out in them. How dare she say your legs are big?! Your legs are wonderful! Looking at your photos you look so beautiful, healthy and radiant! Keep on posting lovely outfits, dear :)


Anonymous said...

I completely understand you. Ignore these stupid comments, people are just jealous.

S said...

You look wonderful! Haters will always find something to hate, and they totally suck for that.

Dana said...

This is such a great post! I hate when people do that, at least they bother reading your blog. If you want my opinion you have a great body and loads of style! And about the homeless girl, we admire some people without really knowing what they have inside.

yiqin; said...

Well written. Anonymouses, hiding behind a computer screen. Like you said, if they are that good open up a blog & LET US CRITICISE!! & yes, people need to hate you cause THEY HATE THEMSELVES. Once you start getting hate comments, you know you are becoming big ;) Well, you can't get everyone to like you anyway. BUT YOU ARE AMAZING :)

Wendy said...

What you wrote is totally true. Negative comments are okay as long as they are constructive. But some of the comments are just there to destroy the person.


girl they say when you start getting hated on then you know your doing something right! keep doing you and enjoying dressing up,brush the negative comments off your shoulder baby girl and keep on keeping on.
love your blog,will be back.

Heybigtrender said...

well, you know what they say, once people who dont know you hate you, you're pretty much important.

just ignore miss anonymus, anyone with coinfidence to back up their critism should be man enough to include their name.

Lauriane said...

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

Keep rocking.