Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Icon of the Month (cant be bodrer remembering my influences from every single week, since everything inspires me its hard to nail just one down) the Lady from the Swedish site Mode.feber.com, i love her Dark beauty and how, even with that evil look in her eyes, can bright up any room she walks into, putting all yes on her. She truly has an amazing job, being a stylist but its her look that made her this Months Style Icon
Truly a master of the cut off denim shorts
You can just tell that she loves her Balenciga and her Miu Miu bag when it comes to accessorising, but as you've notice she keeps things simple

With her its all about the basics, and those simple details to make her look really stand out. Fave Look, from the nasty leopard legging to the neatly yet for a messy feel, tied up black t shirt (seriously how do you guys do it, someones got to show me!)


sunniva said...

She is truly amazing, but so are you!
you better know that!
well, do you know there is a perfume brand/label called rich hippie?
check www.rich-hippie.com

livelife, have a bless.

S said...

Oh wow she is FABULOUS!

KATLIN said...

I love her style, effortless and simple, but still really stylish. And that street style site is to die for, I check it constantly!