Friday, 30 July 2010


Yes im starring right at you stalkers(followers) hows life treating yeah? Share your problems with Foxy Lady so that I can forget mine hahaha

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Figure envy

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Olive Green Shirt - Gina Tricot, High Waisted jeans - Cheap Monday (there so BrendaWalsh from Beverly Hills 90210 ) Blazer - Vintage, Leather BackPack - TOPSHOP, Bowler Hat - Gina Tricot and Black Doc Martens.....
I Love the Original series and have watched it back to back since i was 14. I always wanted to be Brenda Walsh and have the Dylan Mckay as my boyfriend (still do), stand out as the bitch who didnt take shit and always went of doing her own thing......Now all I need is Dylan hahahaha
Photo credits: Esi(my little sister)

Friday, 23 July 2010

in the sun the feelings warm...

New Super cheap Cheap Mondays bought on sale, Vintage Blazer, Bowler hat - Gina Tricot, Backpack - Topshop and Wedges from Office

yeah today it was super cold.
Drove down to Upsala where I spent most of my Childhood, to visit some old friends. We also made time to go back to the place my family used to live when my dad was just a student student and uni studying medecin.
It was so weird how I still remembered my way home from school!
It was a small apartment, but I'd definetly give up everything to come back home...
I still remeber my first day of daycare (dagis) and how my mom dropped me of and how I got real upset. I decided that I didnt like anyone and as so at one point that same day I walked out, managed to open the gate and went back home. should have seen the expression on my moms face when the door bell rang and her 5 year old dotter standing there.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


nOW I've spent allot of my time in Stockholm City looking for a perfect pair of leather shorts since I came and was at a loss.
Not only has the Swedish population rummaged every single Zara store (that apparently stocked a descent pair) and the high waisted model isn't due until Fall at H&M, the Vintage stores where simply my last resort.
I'd been to every single one and was about to give up, until I ended up at the third Beyond Retro in the City with the "Hottest" shop keeper ever who'm I couldn't stop starring at. He advised me to simply buy a black pair of baggy leather pants and cut them into shorts.
I bought them and loved the loose boyfriend fit that im not quite ready to cut them yet and might just roll them up until I grow tired of them and decide to chop the bottom off.

Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Chinti and Parker, High Waisted Leather Shorts - Monki, Chanel nail Polish and Topshop Ashish Wedges.
P.S I dont think I'm coming back to England cuz my Swedish conrads are far to hot and Im already engaged to the shopkeeper at the Whyred's pop up store (I love you too hahaha)!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sorry but if I tried loading this post up I would have missed my flight....

Wearing: Grey Cropped Hoddie - H&M(it's super old, like from 2005), Brown Leather Waistcoat - TOPSHOP(its on sale...), Black
This was all litraraly last minute, Black Asymetrical Tank Top - TOPSHOP, Leather Pants - ZARA, Crusifix - Some Market the Band is old, Black Fur Wedges - Asish for TOPSHOP
Im bad at dressing appropriatelly for occasions cuz nothing appropriate feels comfortable(style and colour wise), I like things a bit odd and uncomfortable listning to really loud music upside down music (im usually bending over the edge of my bed).
An anonymous user asked about travel looks, as you can not one to ask ahahaha. Running around in high heels and sweating in black leather pants isent the way to go.

sorry sorry sorry...

updates coming its kind of hard to blogg during the summer

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

tomorrow ill be in Stockholm and cant I just cant wait. I'm dreading having to stress around at the airport and the fear of my luggage getting lost though....
...........................I'll try to squeeze an outfit post in tomorrow
In the meantime do check out Net-a-Porters Editorial -"And God Created Woman" for some major inspiration. Less defiantly is more.....

Wednesday, 7 July 2010 stills from like the 80's but with a 70's setting right

Top - H&M, Pants - TOPSHOP, Bag - TOPSHOP, Wedges - Office
...something odd and fuzzy about the picture quality and im using my sisters Lumix cam?
it kind of looks like movie stills from like the 80's but with a 70's setting right?
Do keep leavin feedback on what you'd like to read, but i guess the majority of my readers are more keen on what im wearing....and as much as I hate taking pictures of myself....I'll do it for you guys.
A reader requested for more high street friendly looks.....ehm no. Im happy to share what i wear but not to adjust my look to any once preference....unless im going to court.
But do stay tuned as if you've noticed my look drastically jumps genres to decades and cultures.