Saturday, 3 July 2010

whats the big deal?

....kate moss. I usually dont get the hype of most of her outfits and certainly hate her TOPSHOP Line but this is a great festival outfit.
After hard rock Calling I learned a lesson about festival fashion....
...if your going to see a rock or hard core metal band....half the looks you think you'll sport...dont!!!!
Fans of that type of music rarely stand around and sing along....they go mental.
So pleas no danglly earrings or fringed boots, rings, nothing with pallets pearls or actually of any'll end up in a mosh pit....and die
and at 5'3 in a mosh of ONLY happy to be alive.


LADYPLAY said...

me i usually love kate moss outits! come see my blog! i m' followin' yours!

Claire said...

i go to kerrang every year and have developed a fail safe outfit of black, incase of stains, and motorcycle boots, because people WILL step on me constantly...

dp42 said...

LOL, I didn't even realise I have a protocol on how I dress for gigs, but after years of experience, what I figured out is pretty much the same.

My festival/gig outfits were always very standard and above all, practical. Steel toed boots (for moshes, front rows and drunk guys), comfortable jeans (cause stockings are ALWAYS going to be ruined, and shorter skirts tend to find their way rolled up in the front rows) and a t-shirt that won't break your heart to have ripped, stretched out or soaking in beer. No spikes (obvious reasons), no rings (cause they hurt like hell after a bit of clapping), no bracelets (getting your arm caught between a pressuring mass and a fence tends to be less painfull that way), no long necklaces (too easy to rip), a bag you can comfortably mosh with or preferably, have a less adventurous friend watch it. Actually it's easiest without a bag, but I'm a pack rat. If I know it's gonna be hell, I just pack my phone, ID, cash and the ticket in pockets.

On a festival, pack wet wipes, enough clean underwear (figure 2 pairs per day), at least 2 t-shirts a day, 1 pair of jeans for 2 days (if there's no rain on the weather forecast, otherwise, 1 pair a day + days of fest/2 extra pairs. Seems a lot to carry around, especially with all the other crap such as cell phone chargers, sun screen, food, tent etc. but packing like that has always got me through the week, in relatively dry clothing. (For some reason it always rains on metal festivals).

But yeah, bottom line, don't wear anything you would cry over if it got destroyed. Or, alternatively, if you must be fashionable at a gig, be ready to stay way back, with poor view, with older rockers who just don't have the energy to fight their way to get in front, or fight to stay there anymore. Back rows, side rows are generally safe for fasion. That is, if having a bit of beer spilled over you isn't a big deal.

Jeanne-Ange said...

Thinking the exact way of Kate Moss + her collection... Like the blog definitely will stop by more often :)

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to your clothing line?

Anonymous said... true!

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