Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sorry but if I tried loading this post up I would have missed my flight....

Wearing: Grey Cropped Hoddie - H&M(it's super old, like from 2005), Brown Leather Waistcoat - TOPSHOP(its on sale...), Black
This was all litraraly last minute, Black Asymetrical Tank Top - TOPSHOP, Leather Pants - ZARA, Crusifix - Some Market the Band is old, Black Fur Wedges - Asish for TOPSHOP
Im bad at dressing appropriatelly for occasions cuz nothing appropriate feels comfortable(style and colour wise), I like things a bit odd and uncomfortable listning to really loud music upside down music (im usually bending over the edge of my bed).
An anonymous user asked about travel looks, as you can not one to ask ahahaha. Running around in high heels and sweating in black leather pants isent the way to go.


Anonymous said...

its girls like you who make me feel like crap in an airport :(:(

rewind and play again said...

how cool outfit ! your blog is awesome <: