Saturday, 31 May 2008

OMFG heaven and earth has collided we are now finally in Utopia! Nicole-"I'm not skinny" Richie is in the talks to have an appearance on GOSSIP GIRL.

Today's outfit is...well i wanted to do one of Alexander Wang's looks at first but then just changed my mind and did my own thing. Went out today to actually for the first time NOT shop. As Ive mentioned a billion times (it wont help make it go away) I'm currently studying for finals and i need all the revision material i can get my hands on! Although more books then clothes laying around in my room has never inspired me.
Hopefully, next time i do step out ill go shopping.


Shorts: Topshop

Top: H&M

Shoes: Chucks

Bag: Topshop

HeadBand(again): H&M

I'm in love with the Milk lady look, as i hate i have no time to brush my hair.....
This dress from Zara is beautiful, i so want to get it but am not a PINK kinda girl and hope it comes in YELLOW cuz i dont know is so flowy and fresh...very Lanvin, dont you agree?
I'm a lil slow with shows, but did you see the season final of Lost! Poof and the island was gone!

Friday, 30 May 2008

Today's outfit, the real way of looking Hippy and fresh for Today. This outfit is pretty contradicting to my past belief of not liking short shorts.....but then like isent that predictable.


Top: from a store in Sweden called Lindex

Shorts: Topshop

Socks: Mine (woho don't have to steal anymore)

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Topshop

Headband: H&M

Hippie racism...(now this is just plain WRONG, we dont look like that!, Topshop get you stylist fired!)

It wouldn't kill them to make it look a little more like this

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Today's and the day before yesterdays outfit? hahaha anyway I'm not going anywhere today (have to study...) so i figure no one Will see me repeat an outfit from home (it makes my body itch if i repeat a complete outfit) oh well

Top: Zara

Shorts: Topshop

Shoes: Aldo
Okay now I'm gonna have to chat about headbands again...I just freaking love I'm.
Found this old pic of Lindsay and i love the way she's wearing them

however if you decide on wearing a head band don't wear it like this!

Sorry for being on a denim short craze!!! But Karolin from Fashion Flash sure has the legs and the shorts to rock one hella good outfitt!
Inspiring outfit....should i cut my shorts shorter? I know that i mentioned in my previous post that im not a fan of short-shorts but this kinda makes me wanna convert?
Oh and i received a comment that my shorts were similar to the once worn by Rachel Bilson, im not sure which one. but is it these Cordi?

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Okay i figured id improvise and use my umbrella (..ella ella ella). The puke green colour is the the result of my bash her, not me. My outfit today is...Kurt Cobain MTV Unplugged/Rich Hippie!
Im not fan of denim cut offs, but Topshop had a cute pair so i just had to buy! i however rolled them down since im not a big fan of Daisy Duke shorts (and i dont have the legs for it)


Cardi: Men H&M

T Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Topshop

Bag: Tospshop

and Black Chucks

..oh and H&M HeadBand

alright thats it, i did promise yesterdays outfit but it was more summerish and today is far to cold i cant bear standing out there...maybe with luck (and enough comments to motivate me) ill post yesterdays. it those include my knew Panda Top and high wasted Black shorts from Topshop.....
Spoiled princess.........
What i love about her boyfirend!hahaha he is to hot if it wasn't for him id probably not even recognise him, or okay i used to watch that mini series Young Americans but that was only because of Ian somerhalder being in it. Okay back to fashion, love the cover and the shoot, the rain is...kinda slowing down but hold...pleas.
oh well i guess i got to DREAM on about getting any of those guys.
If waiting i am trying to get a pic of my outfit(s)(featuring what i wore yesterday) but the rain out there is horrendous and im gonna have to wait til it stops since my shitty iPhone only takes descent pics in natural sunlight (and i cant be bothered to charge the batteries on the digital). Im going to have to update my birthday wishes
1. Mac book (in white)

2. Topshop shopping spree

3. Cash, for my own personal shopping

+and added now a digital camera (that doesn't take forever to charge) any suggestions on any good cams?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

It's getting pretty dead on my blog and im sorry for that, as i keep on saying ive got finals and i really wanna go to uni (or okay i dont...) so getting good grades wont only score me a bright feature, il land me a job that pays me enough to shop an entire new wardrobe....Everyday!
By The Way its Business Law im gonna study at Uni

Monday, 26 May 2008

A Qurkiy beauty, A luxury brand with a sloppy manner, A sense of fashion yet lack of sight, something bright but an outfit not just quiet. It's so WRONG, it just had to be RIGHT!
Other then the long and boring day i had, i did find some interesting things, or at least i found it interesting. The cute feathery leather jacket worn by Georgina Sparks from Gossip Girl!

As the show is now sadly at its end, I've got to get my daily dose of this stuff from somewhere.

The jackets by Yaya Alflalo

Update: can be found from Kate Moss line with Topshop

Am i the only one that was disappointed with the season Final? All felt so predictable.

Why me...

Sadly as i was expecting to go out for a continuation of my shopping trip yesterday, I'm woken by my dad with the news that there is flooding all around the the city center/shopping center of Southampton. Public transport is totally out of order and there is no way of driving in. I taught it was some stupid dream so i went back to sleep, then my dad turned the radio on (god felt like one of those old war movies where people where informed to go to there nearest bunker) and it was true...
I don't know whats making me freak out, the fact that i cant go shopping today, or that there is some Day After Tomorrow national disaster shit going on out there.....

Update: oh its not only the city center its like entire southampton dudes!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Went shopping today, had like the weirdest stomach ache that i didn't truly enjoy my experience. Saw some cool stuff which i made time to take some snaps on and will be going back tomorrow for yet another round as i just ended up buying a tisha.
These Hot tishas are from Zara, didn't buy them cuz i couldn't see this in my daily wear and have a awful habit of buying printed Tishas for no good reason.
Next i saw this cute dress, cant remember where I've seen a similar design before but it did catch my eye. The pic doesn't do it any justice but it was cute. Oh i gotta remember to look out for a prom dress. Im Thinking of strapless (nothing beats showing of a hot pair of shoulders) short and fitted around the waist at least, as its my favourite feature about me.
Oh! They did have a nice skirt as well, but my sis HATTED it i LOVED it although but she kept putting it back so this puppy didn't follow me home. I love it though its very ethnic which is a rend this summer and had these great details at the bottom of the dress, like the coins you found on Balencigas scarfs.
Now found this at H&M, it was beautiful and could easily be pulled of as a dress if your a lil on the short side or you could wear it with acid wash cut of jeans (which can be found at Topshop)
At Topshop, i didnt find anything nice other then this sweet necklace.
Alright here's my Tisha i bought from Zara, don't know why but i found it cute.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

No outfit's today, so cold outside and never got my ride to The Mall, but hey if anyone wants to come pic me up id appreciate it!!

For now some adorable pics of the Mary-Kate and Ashley in Balenciaga and....i think MK is wearing Proenza
(on her head at least)

A peek of whats to come this Fall at H&M, to see the rest go to

and as she met the man of her dreams she finally Blossomed.